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Successful Online Learner: Skills and Requirements

Being an online learner is not easy because he/she is expected to organize almost all activities personally with minimal guidance from educators. To become successful in this area, students should pay enormous attention to the peculiarities of online learning, especially those that differ greatly from their usual education.

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For instance, it is vital to emphasize planning and how it can be maintained. First of all, it is significant to identify why something should be learned so that a potential practical advantage can be understood. Then, learning sessions should be listed. Particular aims are needed for each session so that it is possible to assess the activity and consider whether it was maintained properly. It may be easier to learn with a partner or an online study group who have well-established learning hours and fulfill desired tasks.

The participants have an opportunity to share knowledge, make mutual decisions, and control one another. Even though multitasking seems to decrease the time needed to accomplish daily tasks, it often worsens the quality of the work. Thus, breaks are required to improve productivity. Finally, a student should be able to identify those tasks that can be postponed to avoid overloading.

Time-management can be improved with the help of a plan because it includes all tasks that should be accomplished. A student only needs to add deadlines to control the situation. In addition to that, a timetable should be created for parts of a big task so that nothing is done at the last moment. However, this plan should also be adjusted so that all tasks are prioritized and scheduled. He/she should avoid procrastination not to waste time and effort. It is significant to be engaged in those activities that have a positive influence on one’s life but not just pass in vain. A student should avoid stressful situations because they affect the way information is perceived. More time should be allocated for relaxation (Kukreja, n.d.).

Online communication can be improved if a student uses visual elements. Uploading avatars, learners become able to communicate seeing one another. Audio and video communications can be used to make students imagine that they are close to one another in the real world and improve understanding of the information because peculiarities of a voice and gestures can be considered (Catalano, 2015). The most benefit will be achieved if the teacher resorts to such initiatives because he/she can improve the process of explanation of new data. Online communication also allows being available almost at any time. In this way, students can be easily approached anytime.

The most popular methods of communication should be used because they provide an opportunity to reach the majority of students if collaboration is presupposed. In addition to that, advanced technologies streamline various activities. They can be used to obtain new experiences and prepare various tasks, including presentations, blogs, podcasting, etc.

All these strategies are likely to contribute to my success as an online learner because they allow improving the learning process and making it well-organized. With their help, I can obtain an opportunity to plan all activities related to education so that I do not overlook one of the tasks. In addition to that, I will be aware of the things I need to do every day so that I will not be overloaded with various tasks at the end of the course. I will be able to use different technologies to get in touch with my educators and group mates so that we can easily cooperate and accomplish tasks together.

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