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Technologies Growth: Significance for Human Development


At present, people are surrounded by diverse technologies. Besides, these technologies tend to develop fast. What is more, it has been claimed that the unhindered growth of technology is essential to the continued advancement of the human race, which is likely to be only partially true, as the unhindered growth should be for mere peaceful purposes.

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The Unhindered Growth of Technology

Nowadays, various types of technologies are acknowledged to have become an integral part of people’s life. Besides, it is reasonable to claim that such progress might have a positive impact and is likely to be beneficial for society. Different technologies, complex programs, wireless nets, impulses, and other inventions are believed to have been created to make everyone’s life simpler and better. It could be possible to doubt the idea of a simpler life, though, as learning how to use different devices and gadgets take much time and effort. As for the concept of a better life, it is expected to be true, as many innovations prove to have succeeded in this aspect.

It is not possible to state that technology development is an easy process. A large number of specialists in various spheres work on it. This results in daily inventions of new alternatives of resource use and new access to information and differentiated data. Technologies deal with many tasks. They provide the possibility to enlarge each person’s opportunities significantly. What is more, they allow using perspectives which have been unavailable and even unthinkable yet.

Hence, technologies have touched all the life aspects, starting from primary schools and finishing with studies of new technologies development and investigation into new types of matters which have not been known yet. The usage of technologies proves to facilitate the enlightenment in secondary schools, colleges, and universities for both the academic staff and students. Apart from that, thanks to the diversity of software and hardware, it has become possible to use various potential possibilities of computer technologies. Thus, they allow keeping much information in small capacities. Besides, technologies contribute to the quick processing of information and its secure storage.

Furthermore, widespread technologies have played a significant role in labor market development. Automatic processing of information manages to assist in implementing work which used to take much more time. Besides, the management can be informed about the enterprise’s affairs and problems immediately. Moreover, the economic potential in the segment of insurance and financial services grows due to the increase in the services exchange. At present, new project elaboration takes less time since it is not necessary to spend time on calculations. Therefore, it is possible to use all the resources for the mere process. Apart from the above-said, it is necessary to admit that technologies play a vital role in medicine. Nowadays, it is possible to create various models of disease development, which tend to contribute to the data basis aimed to invent new medicines.

Technologies appear to be an effective and efficient means of communication. For some categories, such as disabled people, they happen to be the only way to keep in touch with others. Besides, technologies might help them to find a job. Moreover, modern communication technologies tend to be available due to their reasonable pricing.

If used properly, technologies are acknowledged to have a positive impact on young kids’ development. It is stated that the right combination of programs and games results in logical thinking advancement and motor skills improvement. Apart from that, a child tends to build up self-confidence and dignity and get more concentrated if technologies are applied.

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Taken into account the above-said, it is possible to admit that any further development and improvement of technologies might be positive as they manage to widen various opportunities to construct a better world with a more advanced human race. However, it is crucial to underline that any technologies should be advanced only for peaceful purposes to help people but not to destroy the planet.

On the other hand, there is a certain drawback in technologies playing such a notable role in day-to-day life. Unlimited access to huge volumes of information tends to entrain abundant use of technologies. This happens to result in addictions which are psychological and physical harm. First of all, these are children and teenagers who are prone to be addicted. Besides, people who are overcoming stress and suffering from internal complexes and lack of self-confidence are also likely to get addicted because online communication creates an illusion of patience. However, it does not solve psychological issues. People who play computer games, for instance, are more irritated and impulsive in their day-to-day communication. What is more, technologies tend to depreciate certain practical skills which used to be rather useful in the past, like calculations and hand-writing, nothing to say about some domestic and gardening skills.


In conclusion, it is necessary to point out that technologies have been an integral part of day-to-day life for years. They have more advantages than disadvantages. Besides, their development should be undertaken only for peaceful purposes, as only in this case they contribute to the continued advancement of the human race.

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