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Technical Communication Network Problem in Business


Any developing company requires an efficient communication network. To achieve great success in this area, transformational action needs to be taken. There is a need for an interconnection that can only be achieved by the use of computer systems. Computer systems have revolutionized the way things are done in the world through innovations in the computer systems themselves and information technology. This network also has to be affordable and cost-effective in order to show returns on its investment.

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Many companies view this need differently and therefore approach it differently. In this paper, we focus on identifying a communication network problem within a company by way of analyzing its cause and solution. We also focus on developing our own network and IT department within the company.

Business Problem

Many customers in the world today demand efficiency and faster connections and services. Companies cannot afford to be left behind in terms of technological development. To keep up the pace for competitiveness; companies have continued to devise ways of keeping in touch with changing business trends in the world.

In our context, the company aims at developing a communication network that will be reliable, secure, scalable, flexible, manageable, and available and with high performance. MMPS are experiencing technical problems within their communication networks. As these problems arise, there has also been a constant lack of responsiveness from the company responsible for managing its network problems, computer networks regular upgrading and maintenance.

For instance, at MMPS, the problem has also caused dissatisfaction from the company’s customers due to a breakdown of customer service and interruptions in e-mails and this has as a result cost the company unnecessary losses. The company’s network is said to crash frequently and this hinders its usefulness to the company.

Proposed Technology Solution

In our context, these costs are likely to be cut down since the company has an already existing network which only needs better refurbishment. However, the company might choose to upgrade its network meaning new systems might be brought in, new switches, a different configuration and maybe some new cables. Modification could also be done by adding actuators and other elements such a sensors and controllers to the systems in order to improve efficiency.

Proposed processes and policies

Improving the sharing of data through the communication network will greatly contribute to the need for scalability. The company will be able to achieve much more since the controllers are able to globally fuse information and be able to make crucial diversification over larger spaces. (Jerry & Alan, 2009).Information is power and therefore it becomes a very vital component of any organization. There is need to develop control strategies hence the need for an IT department within the organization.

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This department will help in easing the problem that may arise within the networks and for constant checks and maintenance. The actuators and kinematics also need to be maintained regularly. There are various basic communications network layouts. This is because different tasks and services require different sets of computer networks (Curt, 2013). There a few basic layouts that may appear universal. This includes:

  • Local area network-to-local area network
  • Wide area network-to-wide area network
  • Microcomputer-to-Internet

Challenges Identified

One of the challenges the company is likely to experience especially with the managerial department is the introduction of the new personal communication network. This will be as a result of bringing in new systems that might require that the staff is trained to operate. This will also affect the customers being introduced to the new communication strategies that are likely to be introduced. The other challenge will be the cost of increasing the number of staff hence increasing the company’s expenses by creating an IT department which will need the new staff.


The challenge of introducing the new network can be mitigated by educating the staff about the new networks through seminars. The other challenge can be dealt with by minimizing the number of employees brought into the new department

Network security

Other elements such as security and reliability must be enhanced. Network security involves adaptation of network policies by the administrators that help prevent foreign access by unauthorized people in the communication network.

Mitigation of the security threat

It involves controlling data access through codes and giving authorization. It helps prevent interference, misuse and change within the system. Identifying bandwidth allocation is also important as well as developing systems that will help detect problems or faults within the network to prevent unprecedented breakdowns. The communication network should also be able to perform real-time functions such as information collection.


After evaluating the challenges the company is experiencing with its communication and computer networks, it is evident that there is need to look for a solution. In order to maintain efficiency and a steady flow of a company’s technological work, there is need to ensure high quality communication networks. Therefore there is need for the company to design and develop its own communication network. This will greatly enhance customer satisfaction and increase profits.


Curt, W. (2013). Data communication and computer networks: A business user’s approach. Masterfile Royalty free.20 channel center street, Boston, MA 02210, USA: Cengage Learning.

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Jerry, F., & Alan, D. (2009). Business Data communications and networking. 10thedition. R.R. Donnelley-Crawfordville, United States of America: Cengage Learning.

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