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How Do Science and Technology Help Us Define the Modern World?


In the current state of the world, it can be presumed that science and technology plays part in the current problems that we face, especially those problems that result from advanced ammunition, grenades, nuclear and biochemical weapon. These weapons are used to harm fellow human beings, other than weapons, human dependency on technology, for example, computers, internet, cell phones, satellite communication, etc. The rate of prolusion due to the industrial wastes produced as byproducts in the companies is not only harmful to life, but the whole world, especially water, noise, and air pollution (Bunch and Hellemans, p.1). This research paper seeks to elucidate how science and technology help us define the modern world.

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Negative impacts of science and technology

From the scientific view, almost 90% of the human body is composed of water, meaning that water is a basic commodity among other necessities that we require. According to the information obtained from the water pollution statistic, the daily consumption of water worldwide is in million liters (Charness and Schaie, p.13). These waters are used in activities like laundry use, irrigation, industrial use, and many more. However, science and technological advancement increase water pollution, for example, dumping of toxic and other industrial wastes into the lakes, rivers, dams, and other water masses. This is in most cases experienced in the third world countries, which are still trying to become industrialized, but due to lack of funds, they do not improvise for a better means to dispose of their industrial wastes, instead, they dump their toxic industrial waste within their surrounding water bodies. Such carelessness leads to water contamination and if this is not addressed, the people within the periphery get sick from consuming contaminated water (Kann, p.74).

In America, in 1991 industrial was more than 2.4 billion of noxious waste in the atmosphere. However, this is the same air that human beings breathe every day, posing a serious health hazard globally (McClellan, p. 54). The advanced technology causes health hazards, as well as stimulates global warming via the diminution of the ozone layer. Some of the substances that are built due to science and technological advancement contains chlorofluorocarbon, which is a compound consisting of fluorine, chlorine, and carbon.

The use of sound is common in our daily lives, but we forgot that sound can be harmful to our lives. For example, when we listen to interesting music, when we communicate with each other as well as nature, a signal from an ambulance indicates that there is a patient on the way to the hospital, hence the other motorists are supposed to give way so that the patient would reach hospital fastest possible to save a life. However, in engineering, sound can be used as a tool to understand the characteristics of a motor that helps troubleshoot the faults. However, in the modern world, sound can be irritating and unpleasant. With the more technological inventions and innovations, more companies are constructed, the more industrialization including airports; vehicles and train are being made, all these lead to noise prolusion. For example, the modernized jet planes that are not using pure jet engines but instead use fan engines, are a step forward in technology that helps to reduce the amount of noise, hence lowering the rate of air pollution.

There is nothing under the sun, which has no sign of man’s labor and science on it. Now the whole world has shrunk into a big village because of science. Science has touched every fiber of society; including the present is an age of science.

Positive impacts of science and technology

Apart from the negative impacts of science and technology, there are a lot more advantages. For instance, in the line of communication, there have been tremendous inventions through simple revolution, like wireless technology, which has benefited a lot in terms of security, radios, and televisions used for leisure and commercial purposes, navigation at the oceans through satellite phone technology. Another great discovery was electricity; this is a discovery that defined space and time. The electric machines invented have supplemented hand labor leading to improved production, lowering the cost of commodities and life as a whole. Being that science is in the power of man, it depends on how man intends to use it, either for constructive or destructive (Kitetu, p. 40).

With the invention of applications such as DNA, recombined application of technology, the genetic composition of living organisms can be traced with ease, unlike the other time when people believed in what they physically saw. Due to the advancement in technology, the face of humankind can now be changed depending on the requirements of the parents e.g. changing the eyes from black to green, blue, etc. The diseases that had been passed on from one generation to the next can now be eliminated from the unborn leading to the birth of disease-free babies, such technological advancements have greatly impacted the way of life. However, with Genetic Mutation it is now possible to extend life expectancy, this will reduce the number of deaths, depletion of the grounds due to the high demand for food for the unproductive age affecting the natural forests, as people have to get extra utilities, hence low living standards.

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In the field of nursing, treatment can now be administered through a computer in a remote location far away from the hospital. In addition, the invention of the x-ray machine can penetrate the human body without causing any pain or injury. Life has improved a great deal, for instance, when considering the olden days when children could die abruptly due to insufficient blood supply, the current technology has invented blood transfusion systems that have lowered the death rates. Moreover, intensive care has units respectively assist in prolonging the lives of human beings. Additionally, instead of rushing to the libraries before they close down, you can just use a computer to access all the books that are in a definite location, this would be wise if the doctor needs clarification before administering some drugs during a medical prescription enhance work integrity. With the availability of technology, training on import and export goods had been next to impossible, but now, they can be done within seconds (Figueroa, et al p.15).

Nowadays schools face ever-rising demands in their efforts to ensure that students are well prepared to enter the workforce and steer a complex globe. Research has proved that learning can be supported by computer technology and this technology helps in developing the higher-order skills of critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and analysis. Some computer applications in learning have been proved to be more successful than others and other factors control how well even the most capable applications are implemented.

Innovative employment of technology is rising students’ realization and engagement, enhancing teacher competence and teaching critical thinking and trouble solving skills. Technology and improvement in a classroom can assist a student gain the skills required to contend in an international market position. Technology assists tutors to comprehend the necessities of their children finer that as a consequence make variations in the way tutors teach and how students learn. Technology also helps students learn by assisting them to understand key concepts in various subjects. Research has shown that the employment of technology as an efficient learning instrument mostly takes place when embedded in a wider education reform association that consists of improvements in tutor training, student assessment, curriculum, and a school’s capacity for modifications (Kitetu, p. 78).

Technology has also assisted in some cases of warrant proper and advanced probes. With the invention of more advanced electronics, the use of closed-circuit televisions assists in providing all the details of the criminal activities that take place within the protected areas without the knowledge often offenders. This reduces the cases of robbery within our cities and offices. However, the modern media reporting systems, unlike the old technology, are now able to send raw data to the media without connecting camcorders to any other machine to transmit the data. The world has become a small house that the owner needs to control from the sleeping room. From the fear of robbery with violence due to the nature of the guns that were available at that time, presently, in a public vehicle, if someone is carrying ammunitions, to your surprise, you may realize gunfire from unexpected sources, meaning that the size of guns has been reduced to a mere toy. This enhances security due to a situation that is unpredictable as a result of the absence of physical proves (Whitney, p.48).

Technology is security; however, considering the other time when the telegram was the order of the day, it would still be risky to move from a place to the other. Moreover, the issue of carrying a lot of money to the supermarket to purchase foodstuff has been replaced with paperless shopping where only the credit card is rewired for any transaction that you make. In addition, electronic cards can be used to refuel the car and make other payments. In real situations, technology is very applicable, even in situations that cause a threat you still find technological connections (Figueroa, et al, p.26). The issue of technology has and is yet to change unbelievably as per the experts who tirelessly work on making the world a better place to belong.


Seemingly, science is all that comforts a human being. Airplanes are made to purposefully carry passengers, mails, and goods, but why do the planes drop bombs? They also drop bombs and kill men in thousands. Toxic gases, tanks, armored cars, long-ranged and short-ganged guns, and other gadgets of wars are destructive. Therefore, we may conclude that despite the comfort of all the relief that it has brought to humanity, it is responsible for the restless misery and the worries of man (McClellan, p.112).

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