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Concepts of How Science and Technology has Shaped the Modern World


Since time memorial, human beings have always struggled to improve their general lifestyle; hence, the nature of metamorphosis that the world has undergone today. The general lifestyle of human beings has evolved from the simple ways that the ancient caveman used to live to a very sophisticated life that present generations live, because of the numerous developments that have been brought by science and technology.

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Currently, it is not wrong for one to argue that, its science and technology that runs peoples’ lives, because of the extent to which products and concepts of science and technology have been embraced by both the young and old. The term science and technology is used to mean the experience individuals gather every day when specializing in a particular field and the proficiency acquired when such knowledge is put into use.

Technology, on the other hand, encompasses both tangible and intangible products that are created to improve people’s lifestyles, while science involves research, experiments, and trials that are done to find a solution to certain problems, or to get a better understanding of certain phenomena in the universe.

With man becoming more inquisitive, the world has been able to undergo major changes due to science and technological advancement (Castells 9-37).

Therefore, because presently all aspects of peoples’ lives such as their personal lives, communication, education, production, governance, transport, defense, and agriculture cannot run without science and technology, it can comfortably be concluded that science and technology have purely transformed the modern world.

Science and Technology in the Transport and Communication Industry

A great percentage of human beings can attest to the benefits of science and technology and how it has transformed the world from the Stone Age world to present civilized societies. With people’s ever adaptive minds, human beings have been able to create imaginable gadgets in the 21st century, which would never have been thought of centuries ago.

For example, since the patenting of the computer, respected global companies such as IBM, Apple, Samsung, and Hewlett Packard have come up with numerous inventions such as portable notebooks and other gadgets like the iPad, which have completely transformed the communication world.

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Unlike in the past when communication and passing of messages were done by people, present technologies have made the world a global society where everything is done electronically.

Therefore, there has been a great change in the process of communicating from the simple use of people to pass information, to using telegrams and cable telephones, and finally to the present use of wireless systems and highly sophisticated methods to convey messages within seconds (Baylor and Donn 397-408).

In addition to communication, transport has also been made relatively easy. Gone are the days when one would take days to travel a couple of kilometers in hours. Nowadays, with the presence of high speed electric and magnetic trains, which can clock speeds of close to 300 mph, traveling has been made faster and comfortable.

That is, unlike ancient steam engines, which could take like forever for one to reach where they were going, presently electric trains such as the Euro Star can travel speeds of up to 199 mph. The same is the case when using airplanes that have made traveling from one global destination to another very easy and faster (Fernandez-Armesto 841-906).

How Science and Technology has changed the Business World

Trying to keep abreast with technology is an important and vital necessity of any business. Globally, most organizations have embraced science and technology in every aspect of their operations. For example, nowadays, when one wants to book a flight, they do not need to be physically available as all they need is to procure a ticket electronically.

This has made it easier for business persons to operate and lower their overall administrative costs. The banking industry is another business sector that has been greatly impacted by numerous developments in science and technology. Currently, the process of withdrawing, depositing and transferring of funds has been made very easy due to the introduction of ATMs, which have allowed people to avoid congestion in banking halls.

Also, unlike in the past when barter trade and other crude ways of money transfer were used, nowadays transfers and business deals can be sealed electronically using simple gadgets like phones.

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On the other hand, with present advancement in technology, one can have a virtual office or conduct business over the internet, manage teams through applications such as the Team Viewer, and accomplish other numerous tasks within the shortest time possible using least resources.

Technological applications such as Microsoft tools have also made the process of doing business easy, as they have made data processing easy. Therefore, generally, there is a great transformation from how merchants used to do business in the past to present sophisticated, more efficient and economic ways (Castells 48-121).

In addition to this, today’s websites and blogs have been transformed and monetized using different SEO techniques. Additionally, these techniques have helped to improve companies’ searches when using search engines such as Google and Bing. With more than 7 billion people accessing the internet every year, the lucrative or promising business opportunity that is posed by these users is too great for any company or individual to miss (Castells 12-56).

Science and Technology in the Education Sector

Technological advancement has also brought numerous changes in the education sector because it has helped to change the mode of delivery; hence, making learning easy. Nowadays, most lecture halls are equipped with large screens that display lecture notes for easy reading, and university classrooms are now more interactive.

In addition to this, the internet now offers a large library of vital information; whereby, scholar articles can be accessed from any location in the world. In most learning institutions, lecture notes can be accessed even before the actual lecture has taken place and cases where one missed a certain lecture, podcasts of the same lecture are normally available in the university’s website.

Advanced software technology has also made it easier for lecturers to assess any work that is handed in by their students for originality. Therefore, as a result of these developments, blackboards, and chalks, which were the norm in the past, are not used anymore in most established learning institutions as such institutions normally use digitized screens that have made it possible to have larger lecture halls.

Moreover, as a result of these technological advancements, it is currently possible to study off campus and still experience university life as all developments are always posted on universities’ websites.

On the other hand, presently most universities have been afforded an opportunity of introducing better modes of learning such as distance education and virtual learning, because of the introduction of the internet and other tools of science and technology (Leslie and Slaughter 67-98 and Baylor and Donn 397-412).

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Science and Technology in the Security Industry

To date, with enhanced scientific and technological advancements, bombs can be directed miles away using laser guided technology. This has made it easy for countries to protect themselves, regardless of the nature of the threat that they may be facing. It is also as a result of these developments that nuclear weapons that are destructive through nuclear fusion have come to exist (Myers 1-10).

Also, nowadays better ground fighting tanks that are faster and which can carry lethal loads that can be shot miles away to enemy targets have been created. On the other hand, with the introduction of night vision, wars can be fought at night with greater chances of winning. Moreover, nowadays with wars becoming more computerized, the level, sophistication and the accuracy of weapons has become better.

Effects of Science and Technology on the Agriculture Industry

Science has brought a lot of changes to the farming sector, especially in this day and age when all farmers are looking for ways of minimizing costs and maximizing profits. By embracing animal and plant husbandry, farmers have been afforded an opportunity of introducing pesticide tolerant varieties, plants that mature faster, and high milk and meat producing animal varieties.

For example, nowadays most farmers use mini chrome technology to increase food production and earnings. The planting of genetically modified foods has also helped to alleviate hunger in most parts of the world because a genetically modified variety of crops and animals mature easily (Luckmann and Metcalf 507-541).

Negative Effects of Science and Technology

Although embracing of modern science and technology comes with numerous benefits, such developments also have numerous negative effects, more so when technological tools are misused. That is, although technology has created a rosy world for human beings, there are situations when such developments have resulted in deadly problems.

For example, although it has helped to improve the level of security in the world, some scientific developments such as the invention and use of some weapons such as atomic bombs have deadly effects on the well being of human beings. Additionally, when products of technology such as fast cars and trains are not driven properly, they can cause deadly accidents, which lead to losing of human life.

On the other hand, the use of some chemicals and adoption of genetics in agricultural production has some detrimental effects on the existence of present and future generations, more so when it is not used as per the set standards. However, to remedy and find lasting solutions to these negative effects, scientists are always actively involved in researching for solutions.


In conclusion, considering the numerous benefits that are associated with developments in science and technology, it can comfortably be concluded that, science and technology have played a central role in shaping the world.

Currently, with the advancement of technology, people have begun to discover more complex issues that affect their general wellbeing; hence, the nature of initiatives that have been adopted to make sure that technology is used for the wellbeing of people. Therefore, science and technology will always be highly regarded as a beneficial package to human beings, as it holds the key to the future of societies.

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