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Technology’s Impact on Workplace Conflict

Technology is a significant part of modern business because it simplifies several tasks in an organization’s day-to-day functions. According to Briken et al. (2017), technology has transformed employees’ interactions across different industries, thus streamlining environmentally tedious and wasteful processes. For instance, the office culture is changing considerably with technological advancement, and workers can communicate effectively. With the rise of remote working, technology has improved interactions between employees, their immediate managers, and the rest of department members, thus solving communication challenges. Additionally, technology had encouraged collaborations in the workplace, lessening the disagreements among the workers. The technological efficiency also reduces work stress, thus increasing employees’ job satisfaction. However, the technology efficiency depends on workers’ training or experience and available systems. Any lapse in technical or training aspects acts as a source of inconvenience, leading to workplace conflicts. For example, constantly changing technologies without training improvements might cause anxiety resulting in job inconsistencies, and ultimately, conflicts. Therefore, technology has played an indispensable role in improving job performance and communication, although lack of appropriate training may lead to disputes.

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Classmate’s Response (Bonnie M.)

I agree with you that modern technology has been essential in improving job performance over the past several years. Technology strengthens the working processes and systems, thus promoting the interactions among employees and their supervisors. As you highlight in your discussion, the office culture has changed with technology due to remote working. With cell phones and computers, workers and managers can conduct online meetings or share ideas virtually, thus streamlining service delivery. As a result, there is collaboration, which helps employees to work efficiently and lessen disagreements. Notwithstanding, I concur with you that technology hitches may cause inconveniences, which hamper interactions and negatively affect the work environment. Consequently, organizations should embrace technology advancements with caution and ensure their workers have continuous training to avoid anxiety, which might cause confusion and disagreements in the workplace.


Briken, K., Chillas, S., & Krzywdzinski, M. (2017). The new digital workplace: How new technologies revolutionise work. Macmillan International Higher Education.

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