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The Approach of Two Different Cultures to a Rite of Passage

Thesis Statement

The local problem is that I was not able to register for the available classes in time so that I was at the edge of sending down. The fact is that there are not enough classes in my department available, so trouble has arisen. The fact is that it is not so complex for being impossible to solve, as I could get registered for the online classes, or going for similar classes in any other school. Taking into account the ethical and moral points of view, it is necessary to mention, that the righteousness of my behavior is rather doubtful.

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Ethical point of view

Educational organizations are microcosms of ethics and the community that maintains them. As such, they should be the foundations of ethical action. These organizations should be the educational base for students to define and perform their individual ethics standards which will guide them for the rest of their lives.

In my case, the conclusions are made within the administration of the school which impacts the entire institution, entailing faculty, staff, students, and even visitors to the campus. These conclusions should be models of ethical deliberation for all entailed and should serve as instances for the school community. The education process has the role of offering not just such instances for students, but of offering students with education in ethical estimations, entailing the underlying perceptions, critical thinking capabilities to assist in conclusion making, wide regard of universal ethical standards, and a feeling of responsibility for others when making individual selections and decisions.

Every classroom turns to be a laboratory of the process of decision making, and of thoroughly examining selections in the workplace, interpersonal contacts, and individual lives. Tutors in our school can play rather a significant role in helping students to regard ethical decisions as an integral part of their future lives, both as experts and in their everyday living.

From the point of ethics, surely I was not right, as I had to care of being registered beforehand. As Aristotle argued on the issues of an ethical system, it may be defined as “self-realization”. In Aristotle’s regard, when an individual acts according to his nature and understands his full impending, he will do good and be happy. From the very birth, a child is not an individual, but a potential individual. To become an “actual” person, the child’s intrinsic potential must be realized.

Discontent and aggravation are reasoned by the unrealized potential of an individual, leading to failed aims and poor life. Aristotle stated, “Nature does nothing without success.” Nevertheless, it is very important for individuals to act according to their nature and expand their latent aptitudes, to be satisfied and happy. Happiness is regarded to be the initial aim. All other objects, such as civic life or wealth, are just tools to achieve happiness. Self-realization, the awareness of one’s nature and the development of one’s talents, is the surest path to happiness.

Education accountability aimed activities, which are mainly defined by tutors, are a guarantee of sustainable educational expansion. Consequently, higher educational establishments have to take on the accountability for offering appropriate education to the students. Teaching the right replies is not the key aim of the study programs. The fact is that they make an accent on inventing conditions and circumstances where the students can by themselves perform resolving the troubles and matters, as well as ethical predicaments.

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Schools and universities have to teach their students the best moral decisions and motivate discussions of the ethical dilemmas which the students are likely to challenge in their private and professional lives. As for the matters of my visiting another school for some particular classes, it is necessary to mention, that in this case, my school Is not right, as it does not perform everything possible for my education, but on the other hand, I have an excellent opportunity to make my own, independent decision. The defined tasks are of key significance, and they play a significant role in educating socially accountable executives and developing their ideas and estimations.

Ethics in education

Throughout history, well-known thinkers and philosophers have competed that there is a higher arrange of permanent things (like moral standards), that human contentment depends on living our lives according to this inspirational order, and that peace and order within human society necessitate admiration for this order. The most significant mission of education is to repeatedly remind students of the continuation and significance of this transcendent structure as well as its substance.

If tutors are performing their job correctly, they serve as a necessary link in the sequence of civilization. Without this element, the sequence is not complete. Teachers are the holders of culture; they are also its spreaders. At least, that is the function that tutors used to perform.

Contemporary education in America has largely divided virtue and knowledge. The Sophists of the present epoch have offered the link between reason and asset, between the mind and the heart; there is a purposeful reality out there, which it is our task to follow and determine. But there is also an ideal moral structure out there, as well as in here. A sufficient education dare not ignore either the mind or the heart. Just as people do not split education from the matters of the heart, so too we must not split education from religion. Like any significant human activity, education has an unavoidable religious element.

As every human creature has something about which one is eventually worried, it states that every human being has a God in himself/herself. Any human being can probably be neutral when it comes to religion and its ethics. When a person stumbles upon people who claim that education should be free of any spiritual content, one should realize that this is not a dutifully neutral claim. Rather it is a declaration that reproduces the religious commitments of the individual making it. There is a feeling in which education is a movement that is religious in its basement. Any attempt to take away religion from education is just the replacement of one set of final religious commitments for another.

Anything will not be able to cure the problems of American education more rapidly and more efficiently than the introduction of larger freedom and choice in education. It is necessary to seek a permanent end to the conclusion that permits the state to define where children must attend school. American families should have total freedom to send their children to any school they desire, without the supplementary financial lumber of paying private school guidance. One way to realize this matter is by the means of educational checks.

Probably the key reason why the schooling system is so incomplete is that there is no actual competition among schools; they are resistant to market discipline. As a result, public schools have no inducement to provide a better product at a lower cost. I mean, if the school was interested in my success, my finances, the heads of the school would have provided me an opportunity to get registered for the classes. Otherwise, I’ll pay my money to another one.

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A pro-choice movement in education would offer public schools solemn competition for the first time. But it is not sufficient that we just increase selection among public schools. The governmental control over openly funded education is a key part of the problem.

The best and quickest way to improve the quality of education is to permit families or students to select their school and let the contest of the market define which schools flourish, and thus any school would restrict their students to register the classes.


From the ethical point of view, the offered solution of the problem would provide the opportunity for any student to get involved in the educational process at any level, without any time restrictions, but depending on the personal capabilities and skills.

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