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The Importance of the Five Types of Data

Exploring this case related to People Analytics will require performance rating, salary analysis, retention study, leave analysis, and demographic analysis. These data are quite significant since they allow for assessing the staff’s performance and uncovering the weaknesses of the organization’s HR functioning. For instance, due to performance ratings, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of every employee. Salary analysis shows whether the worker’s pay corresponds to their performance and efforts and simultaneously covers the interdependency between salary increase and the employee’s enthusiasm.

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The demographic analysis contributes to understanding what types of people work in the company and how they can be motivated to lead the firm to success. Leave analysis helps realize how much free time the employees want to have and how much free time they objectively need to do their work perfectly. The retention study contributes to avoiding turnover and the necessity to find and train many new employees frequently. Therefore, these five types of data are essential and can contribute to throughout review of this case and finding a way to overcome this organization’s main problem.

Due to the use of the performance grid, it is possible to consider the issue more profoundly. As for identifying the problem and formulating the question, the company’s main challenge is losing employees and customers; therefore, it strives to understand what strategies can keep workers and attract new clients. The other grid’s steps involve creating a project and working with data. Representing descriptive data may contribute to finding a potential solution to the organization’s problem. Firstly, the company loses its customers due to the low performance of most workers; therefore, increasing performance will return the clients.

Secondly, it is possible to suggest that more than 50% of workers are not satisfied with their salaries and the constant stress caused by a merger of two companies and vague perspectives. The demographic analysis will hypothetically show that most employees (about 65%) are married middle-aged men from 10 countries where the company operates. Based on the collected data, the company can decide to increase the salary a little and persuade the workers that each of them is important and can contribute to the firm’s success despite current challenges.

Collecting data for every five analyses requires quite a lot of resources. The performance rating information gathering, for example, needs time, an evaluation scheme, and observation. Resources for salary analysis may include salary history, salary survey results, and records about employees’ skills, qualifications, and the type of work they do. Leave analysis needs attendance reports and workers’ time-off signed requests. Demographic analysis can be made using information from employee profiles and databases. The resources for the study of retention may involve a metric for retention. Thus, various types of data need different resources to be collected.

Several HR departments should be in charge of collecting and analyzing these data. The information needed for performance rating will be gathered by employees of the HR performance management department. Salary analysis and leave analysis will be made by administration managers and compensation and benefits department managers, who have all the required information. The study of retention requires data from recruiting and staffing departments. The administration can gather all needed employee profiles for demographic analysis. Therefore, it would be wrong to charge all research only with one HR department and expect rapid results.

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