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The Indian Creek Foundation Strategic Plan

The action plan is an instrumental part of any project because this method provides a person with a certain idea of what he or she is obliged to do to accomplish a particular goal. The final version of an action plan makes the implementation process more effective and clear. Therefore, the following paper is to develop an action plan for the Indian Creek Foundation campaign’s strategy.

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Identifying Tasks

The strategic plan will imply a list of things and goals that are essential to accomplish during the project of the Indian Creek Foundation. The first thing that has to be done in a strategic plan is the creation of an accepting and inclusive mission and a vision statement (Grünig & Kühn, 2015). The second goal for the aforementioned project lies in creating a self-promotion campaign on social media and other resources on the World Wide Web. Another goal is to organize various community engagement activities to raise awareness about this project among citizens. All the actions listed above are crucial to be accomplished and supported during the next three years for the project’s maximum results and efficiency.

Analyzing and Delegating Tasks

As it was mentioned above, the project of the Indian Creek Foundation has particular time limits that are essential to follow for the effectiveness of this work. To meet these requirements, all the campaign members are obligated to be occupied with separate responsibilities and tasks (Hill, Jones, & Schilling, 2014). Moreover, some actions might be disregarded due to their ineffectiveness.

The first goal (to create a mission and a vision statement) does not require any investment but asks for some critical thinking skills instead. As this remains one of the most fundamental tasks in the entire campaign because it lets all the members see the primary objectives, it must be developed and revised according to each member’s wishes and perspectives (Homan, 2016). The mission has to be realized and understood by every member of this project. Otherwise, without seeing the mutual goal, the whole work might be useless. This task is crucial to be accomplished during the first month of the team’s work because this period gives people enough time to get acquainted with one another and to understand their mates’ values as well.

The second goal (to create a self-promoting campaign on social media) might require some extra knowledge and investment. To have a successful profile on one of the social media platforms, it is crucial to delegate this task to a competent person. If there are no people on the team who can take responsibility for this, it would be proper to hire a freelancer that already has long-term experience in running a social network profile.

Various social media are used by different audiences. Therefore, each online source has to have a unique approach to its effectiveness and a bigger number of followers. During the first year, it would be advantageous for the team to identify particular social networks for the campaign’s online development. To reach this goal, the profile has to contain an informational video or a text that would cover the organization’s approaches, history, statistics, and other relevant data.

During the second year, the team is expected to gain some extra experience in working with social media and launching a profile at another source. To cover such social media expenses as purchasing a camera, paying royalties to a freelancer, buying professional equipment, and so on, such a profile has to become another source of the project’s income. During the third year, the campaign is to run its profiles at least on four different social media sources. The most effective and popular ones are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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The third goal (organizing community engagement activities to raise awareness about the project) requires investment to cover multiple expenses for hosting such events as festivals, shows, collective actions, and so on. Therefore, it would be advantageous to use various crowdfunding services to raise the requested amount of financial support. These activities should be delegated to the members of our team who have experiences of successful start-ups and fundraising activities.

These actions are estimated to take circa six months. During the second year, it would be proper to consult experienced people and to gain specific information that will help the team to be aware of all the needed actions and tasks for reaching this goal (Watkins, West-Meiers, & Visser, 2012). Besides, all the events should be developed, organized, and prepared for their realization. During the third year, the team is to make advertisements, flaring posters, and placards for the audience to be aware of the forthcoming events. Moreover, the team members are to attract and invite more people to join the Indian Creek Foundation campaign during the third year.


The action plan for the Indian Creek Foundation campaign was developed by all the deadlines and investments. This method will display the primary goals of the aforementioned project during the next three years of its implementation. All the actions and steps were discussed and approved by the most competent participants of this campaign.


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