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The Internet of Things: Echo Product


Since man’s inception, he has made significant efforts to enhance his daily life. To live a happy life, he pioneered several breakthroughs, including internet technology, which was a crucial step toward achieving a more pleasant lifestyle. The advent of internet technology spawned numerous advancements, including internet of things (IoT) devices. The Internet of Things is a network of linked gadgets that exchange data via embedded sensors (Bytes et al., 2019). Numerous IoT products are available in a variety of markets. I choose to present an echo product in this article for the building and home automation markets. While the Echo product is capable of doing a variety of jobs, particularly in our homes, for the sake of specificity, I chose to focus on one of these functions, namely providing recipe information and attempting to ascertain the current status or difficulties in the kitchen.

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The Product’s Description

The foods we take are critical to our health and well-being. The majority of chronic diseases, including diabetes and cancer, are induced or exacerbated by the foods that we eat, and thus there is a need to scrutinize the elements that comprise our meals. A great chef will follow the recipe’s directions when preparing meals for consumers. The recipe includes the best directions for cooking methods, ingredients, and serving the meals, among other useful information. As a result, if the caterer or chef does not adhere to the recipe precisely, he or she may wind up inserting or omitting specific substances that create health concerns.

Dieticians advise individuals to exercise moderation in all aspects of their lives, that is, they should avoid excessive sugar and fat consumption, as these foods are detrimental to their health. The majority of the foods we eat in our homes are made in a kitchen where proper recipes are not followed. This conduct may result in family members consuming an excessive amount of sweets and fats, putting their health in danger. On the other side, they may ingest insufficient iodine, exposing them to hormonal imbalance and the resulting health ailment termed as goiter. As an illustration, meal recipes are critical for ensuring the health of household members, and hence should be supplied to all families.

The internet has created a more effective forum for cooks from all over the world to showcase their culinary creations. The advancement of the internet has resulted in the emergence of a system of interconnected items that communicate data via embedded sensors (Bytes et al., 2019). These technology tools are collectively referred to as the IoT, and numerous items rely on them to perform various functions. In this proposed project, I suggested Amazon’s echo product, popularly referred to as Alexis’.

This product is well-suited to the requirement of supplying chefs with real-time meal recipes. Amazon created this product to better people’s life. It performs a variety of duties via voice technology. One of these duties is to supply recipe suggestions to a chef; for example, if the chef wishes to cook chicken meat, he or she will inquire about Alexis’ meal recipe and will receive recipe ideas in real-time. This knowledge will assist the cook in determining the proper recipe for making any dish, hence avoiding health concerns associated with improper food recipes. As a result of the above remark, it is necessary to use this product in various households in order to supply recipe knowledge to all household members.

Substitute to the Echo Product

Google Home is an alternative to the echo product. This gadget is powered by Google Assistant and is comparable to Echo in that both employ the same technology to conduct a range of tasks, particularly in our homes, in this case, delivering recipe suggestions. On the other hand, the distinction involving the products is simply in terms of technological sophistication. Google Home is solely compatible with Apple products, but the echo product is congruent with both Apple and Android devices.

The performance of the products is governed by the differences mentioned above. Android devices have a larger global user base than iOS devices. These variations in product utilization are a result of their costs and customer preferences. Android devices are far less expensive than iOS devices, and the majority of the world’s population falls between the middle and lower income classes, making Android devices affordable. On the other hand, users prefer to purchase android devices over iOS devices since they believe smartphones are simpler to use (Bytes et al., 2019). Thus, the above illustration shows that the echo product is more refined than the Google Home product, making it a superior alternative to other IoT goods.

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The Market for Building and Home Automation

This market is defined by a variety of technological inventions and advances, spanning from heating to automation technology. It has been defined throughout human history by new emergent trends such as solar-powered boiling and electricity gadgets, which gained traction in the eighteenth century. On the other side, there has been an endeavor to expand the automation of different kitchen appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators that turn on and off automatically. As illustrated above, the launch of the echo product enhanced the performance of existing items in this market.

The Echo Product’s Contribution to Electronic Commerce

With the advancement of technology, businesses have delved into the realm of selling goods and services directly to consumers via an online network. Electronic commerce benefits the business since it minimizes the cost of establishing point of sale locations; hence, multinational organizations that enter electronic commerce will run at a loss. Numerous technologies have been developed to promote electronic commerce, and businesses use the most advanced e-commerce technology as a strategy to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

The Echo device features a straightforward Re-order product X control that lets consumers to purchase a variety of products and services via internet marketplaces. Consumers who are requesting a certain product will discuss the brand name or other details regarding the orders processing (Bytes et al., 2019). After sharing the same information with the remote server, the echo device will process the order as per the consumer’s specifications. Most consumers have begun to use this prompt to purchase their products in recent years, as opposed to the ancient directional buttons technology, and it has been demonstrated to be effective. Consumer demand for echo command to directional buttons has prompted various businesses to implement this technology as a means of increasing e-commerce, leading to a rise in e-commerce. As a result of the preceding scenario, it is clear that echo items assist the electronic business.


One of its pros is cost reductions. It eliminates the costs associated with paying freelancers to give recipe ideas. The second pro is automation and supervision. By having cooks use their voice to operate it, excessive movement can be eliminated thereby saving energy.


It is reliant on technology, which is subject to failure, resulting in significant inconveniences. Another con is job displacement. Some freelancers in various regions of the world are compensated to submit recipe ideas for preparing specific foods. With the continuous adoption of echo goods, such freelancers will continue to lose work as a result of the technology’s gradual decrease of clients.


Echo is an Internet of Things product that is used to do a range of functions in a variety of fields. The study’s problem statement identifies one of the purposes for echo products, namely providing recipe data to chefs. In today’s culture, nutritious food is the foundation of good health, which is everyone’s goal. Healthy foods are produced according to the appropriate recipe, which details the cooking process, the ingredients, and the serving method. In the majority of cases, cooks do not observe the proper recipe, putting their customers at risk of contracting ailments such as goiter. The usage of echo products enables cooks to get accurate and real-time recipes, avoiding health concerns.

While the echo product has a number of competitors, it is created with enhanced characteristics such as compatibility with a variety of systems that make it preferable to the competition. Additionally, the cost of the echo product is cheaper than that of its substitutes in the market, and sensible buyers will choose to purchase it. The market for building and home automation is defined by technological research and developments ranging from structure to mechanization. As a result, the launch of the echo product in the industry served to enhance previously available items. As with every other product on the market, the echo product has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the echo product offers an easy product X control that users may use to purchase a variety of products and services via internet platforms. The usage of this item command has increased the reach of electronic commerce, hence supporting it. Because the Echo product has been enhanced to better the lives of people worldwide, it is recommended to use it for cooking reasons.

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