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The Problems of Severe Traffic

Life today has become far more complex and difficult than it used to be a few years ago, not merely in terms of the dilapidating culture or the inflation of the economy, or the soaring oil prices or the global face of terrorism, but something which affects us daily and negatively to a very great extent. Today, I seek to discuss, not world peace or the high rising prices, but a topic far more relevant to us for a harmonized living.

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The traffic situation in most cities is something people love to discuss. Traffic is something that we cannot avoid or ignore, for in order to exist in the world we have to face it, regularly, daily. We are all in some way affected by the mounting traffic jams we face every day in our lives. But it’s high time we come forward and claim responsibility for this problem.

Commuting is an essential part of living today. Whether it is commuting to school, church, workshop, or any place else, we all have to use the roads. But as soon as we venture out we very often witness terrible traffic conditions. Traveling has today become a curse in disguise and the problem has acquired a global stature. Any important city in the world has to face the difficulties of traffic problems. We all often complain but nothing is done about it.

The problems of traffic have brought about an entire gamut of pollution problems with them. Naturally, with the ever-mounting pollution, the effects of global warming have become more visible than ever before. Besides, there is noise pollution causing more deafness problems. The emotional and mental state of those who have to undergo this curse every day is sad. Life can tend to become a living hell when there is no choice but to face the traffic and when there is no there way out. So, it’s high time we as individuals step forward and did something concrete about it. Will, one individual make a difference? Yes, there will be a difference, even if it is just one individual. So how exactly do we tackle this problem? Each and every person must decide that there will be a difference if the outlook is changed. Commuting small distances must be done on foot rather than by automobiles, the advice we have often heard but seldom implemented. Not only will this habit reap healthy results, but will also aid the worsening traffic situations in society. Traveling longer distances can also be handled effectively. Today is the age of communication and the world has never been smaller. Communication and arranging carpools to travel long distances is a very wise and cheap option. Gasoline will not be wasted, besides the travel will prove to be cheaper, making you richer by a few dollars! A penny saved is a penny earned!

Cycling has been known to be an excellent exercise. Bringing out bicycles will not only tackle the problem of obesity but will also reduce the pollution emitted by cars and scooters on the road.

We have forgotten community living and harmonization in the new global scenario. Our ancestors flourished and thrived even when they were exchanging goods using the barter system. We must travel back into history and pick a few ideas from there.

Gardening is an excellent hobby and if one were to go just a little further and pursue vegetable gardening, not only will the grocery bills come down drastically, but also the children of the new generation will reattach themselves to nature. Vegetable and fruit gardening will reduce the television time individuals spend in front of their television sets and will enable the easy farm produce to be available at the doorstep. There would be no need to go to the grocer’s very often, and this will have a considerable positive effect on the pollution!

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We send our children to schools that are located far away, and commuting takes away not only their time but also their energy and patience. This is where the government needs to step in and take active measures. If every locality has a good school, children can commute by cycle and foot. This will be very effective in saving gas and will also develop healthy walking habits among the children and youth, who are today plagued with innumerable diseases and health problems due to sedentary lifestyles.

The government should also take active measures in marking cycle tracks on the roads in order to ensure the safety of the cyclists and pedestrians. It is the moral duty of citizens to press for these demands from the governing bodies.

The situation and condition of the traffic have never been as worse as it is today. With the rising oil and gas prices and most importantly the rising pollution and global warming, the quality of life is worsening more than ever. Commuting has been and will always be a crucial part of our existence. But it is our duty as global citizens to ensure that we do not destroy the earth because of our personal selfish needs.

Commuting is necessary for subsistence, but we as individuals must use transport wisely and efficiently. It is only then that the earth can be protected before it gets too late. A few changes are all one needs to make in the daily lifestyle, and the world will be a far better place to live.

Each person must religiously make an effort to bring about a change, only then will there be positive changes in the traffic and roads. And every single person matters, for as the saying goes, “drops of water make an ocean!”

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