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The Rules and Advices in the Hiring Process

From the facts presented in the case, it is very clear the organization was in need of people to fill the vacant positions of assembly line. Bandu follows the correct procedure which is an online application. His application is rejected and he is denied the opportunity to serve in the organization because of reasons beyond his understanding. The reason the owner of the business refuses to recruit Bandu can be considered to be selfish and discriminatory. Bandu is discriminated upon because he is not a close relative to the owner of the business. This act is unethical in human resource management circles. It seems that the owner does not want to have diversity in his business because of reasons he understands himself.

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In future I would propose the manager not to go against the equal employment opportunity laws. This would be by not considering race, origin or sex in the hiring process. The best approach that can be recommended for the business would be a fair and ethical way of hiring employees based on their merit and not backgrounds.

During the hiring process, best practice calls for a wide selection of candidates to be interviewed. This aims at producing a workforce that is exhibits diversity. A highly diversified workforce is an important asset to any business organization because of the different skills and innovation that is characterized by employees from different backgrounds.

It is important for the owner to consider the approach of looking outside the box in his hiring process. This would help to add value to his workforce and it would result in more effectiveness, efficiency and increased productivity.

Mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that at the ground level the staff has a say in the hiring process. This is because they have a good idea of the kind of people they can work with as a team to achieve the organizations. A dictatorial style in hiring should be avoided in future. This is because there is a high possibility that the top manager would impose on the rest of staff people who he thinks are qualified yet they cannot deliver. Bandu was a qualified candidate with his skills and abilities but the organization has failed to make use of him simply because he is from India and the policy of the organization would not entertain diversity.

In future the employer should provide equal employment opportunities for any body who is interested and is qualified. This would be in accordance with the labor laws which demand that there should be no discrimination based on gender, race or ethnicity during the hiring of employees.

Instead of an online process that is discrete, to ensure affirmative action is observed, the managers should adopt a standardized interview process and interact with all the candidates before selecting the right people. The responsibility of recruiting should be put in the hands of a number of people and not just one. This is geared towards reducing biasness in the selection and recruitment process. If the recruiting officers were working as a team Bandu would not have been turned away. The one man affair can at times be of a disadvantage to the entire organization by scaring a away potential employees who can bring more productivity to the business.

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