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Training New Technology in the Classroom

Several schools are currently employing the use of technology in their classrooms. This is because they strive to keep up with the world’s technological advancement (Willson & Garibaldi, 2002). These technologies are aimed at providing improved instruction that contributes to improved student achievement (Krasavage & Stallings, 2002). Additionally, these novel technologies assist teachers in making classrooms more interactive and entertaining.

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They also simplify teachers’ work by facilitating the understanding of difficult concepts (Willson, et al 2002). Therefore, to incorporate them into the classroom set up successfully, teachers must be trained on how to implement them. This paper shall seek to explain how teachers are trained on these new technologies, the procedures involved in rolling them out, and how beneficial they are to students and teachers.

An example of a training program that trains teachers on how to implement new technologies is to be conducted by the Microsoft Company, the United States-based computer Software Company. The train is scheduled for November 15, 2012, at the Chicago State University. The training is meant to equip middle school, high school, and college teachers with knowledge on how to use Microsoft Learning Suite (Variyar, 2012).

This technology contains such various tools as Songsmith, which generates tunes for poems for easy memorization, and Photosynth, which generates three-dimensional photos and diagrams. It also has Sky-drive, a technology that employs the use of cloud computing to assist teachers to collaborate with each other, as well as share documents (Variyar, 2012).

The training will make teachers knowledgeable on the Microsoft Learning Suite. This will play a significant role in the classroom set up since it will improve the way they give instructions to their students. They will make their students understand better some concepts that were problematic. For instance, when analyzing poems, teachers would use the Songsmith to enable the students to understand the musicality of the poem. Furthermore, by listening to the tunes created, the students will be able to determine whether the poem has a rhythm or not (Ambler, 2005).

Technology should be embraced in classrooms since it has several benefits. Both teachers and students stand to gain since their knowledge is improved (Science Education Center, 2005). Additionally, learning is made fascinating.


Ambler, S. (2005). Disciplined Agile Delivery. Canada: Barnes & Noble.

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