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Transformational Leadership in Healthcare

Time management is an interesting topic that has been actively discussed over the last few years. It is necessary to mention that the interest in this concept has been increasing because employers have realized that it is an essential skill that needs to be mastered because it helps to increase performance levels of employees.

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With a use of Time Management Assessment, I have determined that my time-management skills are outstanding because I have managed to get a score of 30. However, I think that there is still a need for further improvement because I may have problems with some situations. For example, I may get distracted by something, and it may lead to a loss of valuable time. I think that the best quality that lets me use my time efficiently is that I do not like to spend it on activities that are not productive. I prefer the ones that allow me to improve as a professional and an individual. Also, it is imperative to say that there is a broad range of literature on this topic, and such books and articles have to be studied to improve the knowledge (Claessens, Eerde, Rutte, & Roe, 2007). It is necessary to understand that new technologies and techniques are always being introduced, and it may have an impact on healthcare. The fact that social media and the Internet may be quite distracting should not be overlooked, and it is important to make sure that it does not affect the process of work (Jones & Hood, 2010).

In my opinion, the leadership theory that suits my style the most is transformational leadership because I think that it has enormous potential and helps to develop skills that are essential for every professional healthcare provider. A democratic approach can be incredibly efficient because others do not feel the pressure, and are willing to express their ideas and make suggestions that may be valuable (Giltinane, 2013). I would like to share responsibilities with individuals that I have to supervise, and I think that and establishment of positive relationships in the workplace is vital. This approach reduces the level of stress and tension most of the time and leads to outstanding results and improves overall performance. It is important to understand that control and influence are also reduced, but guidance should be regarded as a reasonable alternative. Also, it is paramount to note that the role of self-esteem should not be overlooked, and every leader should believe in his or her decisions in the workplace because any doubt is easily recognized by followers in most situations (Matzler, Bauer, & Mooradian, 2015). The importance of consultations with others also should not be overlooked, and it helps to make decisions that would be the most adequate in particular situations. It is paramount to understand that it is necessary to develop such skills to stay competent. The fact that demands of patients are always increasing should be taken into account because their expectations are incredibly high at this point. The role of experience also needs to be mentioned because it is nearly impossible to improve leadership abilities without practice. For example, one of the studies has shown that effective leadership is one of the core factors that determine performance levels of employees in this industry (Spurgeon, Long, Clark, & Daly, 2015). There is a difference between the perception of online and face-to-face influence (Silbergh & Lennon, 2006). The primary difference between leadership and management is that leaders prefer to ensure that individuals are following them, and do not try to make them perform particular tasks directly most of the time. Also, there are several similarities between these two approaches. For instance, the goal is the same in most cases. Both leaders and managers try to ensure that the resources are used as efficiently as possible, and objectives are met promptly.

It is imperative to understand that these concepts have to be applied in the workplace because they have proven to be incredibly useful, and every trained professional should have an understanding of their importance. For example, a schedule for every employee needs to be developed to improve their time management abilities. One of the biggest benefits of leadership is that it allows others to enhance their skills and learn from the experience. It is also paramount to note that it has become an essential part of professional nursing organizations, and institutions that acknowledge the role of these concepts are known to be incredibly profitable.

In conclusion, it is hard to argue with the importance of time management and leadership. An understanding of these concepts is critical in the workplace most of the time. The knowledge that is gained may be applied to improve the overall quality of service and efficiency of most operations. The test has shown that my time management skills are already sufficient. However, I am determined to improve as an individual, and I think that this is necessary for every professional.


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