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Transportation Means in a City

There are different means of public transportation in different cities which also come with different advantages. Disneyland captures what to expect from many of the cities of the world. In Disneyland, one will find such variety including scaled down railways, horseless carriages, riverboats and park trams. One of the most significant modes of transportation in Disneyland is the omnibus. It has always elicited exuberance from the passengers which is clearly seen as they scramble for space. As Nordahl (2008, p.17) explains, every one of the passengers wants to get the opportunity of riding in the omnibus. The advantage that the vehicle has is that the cozy seats face each other which make the travelling experience a highly social one as pleasantries can easily be exchanged with the person seated on the opposite side.

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One of the other important advantages of the omnibus has something to do with psychology. These city carriers give the passenger a unique opportunity to be in control of the environment. It happens when the passengers seat in the upper chamber of the double Decker buses. The buoyant feeling that the experience offers them leaves the passengers feeling kind of in control of the environment (Nordahl, 2008, p.17). From a psychological point of view, this goes a long way in making the passengers feel more relaxed. This is good for unwinding especially after the stresses of the day as one travels back home.

Nordahl (2008) explains how animals have a way of touching the feelings of a human being. This, he explains is what makes the Disneyland experience a very memorable one as far as transportation is concerned. Another of the most widely used form of transportation in Disneyland is the street cars. Street cars are usually pulled by horses much to the delight not only of the passengers but also to the curious onlookers who will only be too eager to leap on for a ride of a lifetime (Nordahl 2008, p.22).

The city carriers also have the advantage of saving on space. The omnibus avoids the need for a second carrier by implementing a double deck approach. Since the space used is larger in height as opposed to length, it has the overall effect of easing congestion in traffic. The double deck bus will also require minimal space when negotiating corners thereby enhancing a smooth flow of traffic. This is a very important advantage in the light of the current urbanization which has resulted into traffic jams that could easily waste a lot of man-hours

The street car also has the advantage of allowing the passenger to behold the beautiful scenery as he/she travels along. This is made possible by the every large window that the buses have. In fact, some carriers just have open spaces. This allows the travelers to connect with the environment they are in. They will take not only have a good view of the breadth taking sky scrapers and the entire environment but they will also get a rare opportunity to connect with the pedestrians on the sidewalks. This is especially possible when in slow moving vehicles or when the fast moving ones are in slow motion due to traffic or other factors (Nordahl, 2008, p.22).

But perhaps one of the most important advantages of the public transportation is speed. This may not be true for some option like the rail cars but it is definitely true when we consider the monorails. As Ryan (2010, 34) explains, this vehicle not only offers the convenience of comfort but also very impressive speeds. The main advantage here is that the monorail makes it possible for the suburb dweller to work in the city that is miles away without ever getting worried about getting late to work or getting back home too late. The strict adherence to time schedules is what makes the monorail a very welcome option for the daily commuter.


Nordahl, D. (2008). My Kind of Transit: Rethinking Public Transportation in America. Chicago: Columbia College.

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Ryan, P. (2010). Monorails. New York: The Rosen Publishing group.

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