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Trends in Healthcare Human Resource Management


It is imperative to mention that healthcare industry has to go through numerous changes because of the introduction of new policies and other factors. The understanding of current and future trends is incredibly important for specialists in this area because it will be possible to develop a set of strategies that will help to address weaknesses or limitations. It is reasonable to review and analyze peer-reviewed articles on this subject matter to get a better understanding of the current situation.

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Healthcare Trends

The first trend that has been identified is the popularity of evidence-based practice in all the healthcare institutions all over the globe (Jackson, 2011). It is expected that new technologies will have a much bigger impact on the healthcare industry in the future (Passut, 2014). Another aspect that should not be overlooked is that healthcare professionals have access to much more data nowadays, and it affects the decision-making process. Analytics are getting increasingly popular, and it is expected that their role will increase in the future (Fiaidhi, Kuziemsky, Mohammed, Weber, & Topaloglou, 2016). Another trend that could affect the industry is increased attention towards innovations, and the situation is not expected to change anytime soon (Thakur, Hsu, & Fontenot, 2012).

Impact on Human Resources (HR)

The prominence of evidence-based practice has a mostly positive influence on HR because it helps to minimize unnecessary expenses and it is much easier to make appropriate decisions in the workplace. One of the issues associated with the use of modern technologies in the workplace is that health professionals are likely to be distracted, and it could affect their performance. It is understandable that most individuals would like to stay connected to their families, but it becomes a problem when productivity levels are affected.

Additionally, healthcare professionals are expected to be proficient in various software programs, and HRM specialists must consider this factor when hiring new nurses and conducting pieces of training. Innovative approaches are beneficial to HR because they increase the efficiency of operations and change the behavior of health professionals.

HRM Strategies

HRM professionals are expected to promote evidence-based practice in the workplace. The problem occurs when individuals are reluctant to accept significant changes because they are used to traditional approaches. Therefore, strategic planning needs to be utilized. A set of outcomes and goals needs to be developed, and it will help to avoid issues with scheduling. Nurses should be provided with a broad range of opportunities to increase motivation levels and overall productivity. It is noted that the productivity levels of nurses are likely to be affected when they bring such devices as smartphones into the workplace (Vashist & Luong, 2016).

Therefore, the approach that needs to be used in this case is a promotion of high performance within the organization. Additionally, devices may be used to enhance communication patterns. For example, health professionals may use messengers to deliver necessary information much more efficiently. Moreover, it should be viewed as an outstanding opportunity for employees to improve teamwork (Lussier & Hendon, 2015).

A broad range of techniques may be utilized to promote innovative thinking in the workplace, and it would help nurses to accept innovative devices and approaches. Moreover, talent identification is a strategy that may be used in such situations, and it will be possible to find workers that have potential that is not yet fully realized. HRM professionals also should expand their knowledge to ensure that decisions related to personnel are reasonable and appropriate.

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In summary, it is possible to state that the identification and analysis of trends is a vital part of operations in a healthcare facility. Nurse administrator should be capable of coming up with efficient solutions to situations that occur with a use of HRM principles. The utilization of such strategies is incredibly important because they are based on evidence, and have proven to be efficient over the years. Overall, it is reasonable to keep track of latest trends and developments to stay competent as a nurse administrator.


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