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Ways of Obesity Interventions


Diet is a foundation of most weight loss initiatives, as it determines the energy and food composition consumed and demonstrates effectiveness in weight loss (Fock and Khoo, 2013). At the same time, physical activities play a support role in maintaining the diet-based weight loss achieved earlier. Therefore, these methods are best combined.

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Patient Education

Patient education demonstrated equal clinical effectiveness in terms of weight loss both when used independently and with other interventions (Albano et al., 2012). Patient education increases the patient’s knowledge and self-management skills, which are significant regarding physical activity and proper nutrition.

Adherence to Medication

It is possible to replace a less effective passive adherence of a patient with the active one, therefore, creating a situation of conscious choice (Reach, 2011). Moreover, it is possible to develop patient-physician relationships in such a way as to reduce non-adherence.

Social Justice

“Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities” (The San Diego Foundation, 2016, para. 2). From a social perspective, there is significant inequality in terms of the age-adjusted prevalence of obesity between different groups of US citizens. For instance, “Non-Hispanic Black adults (49.6%) had the highest age-adjusted prevalence of obesity, followed by Hispanic adults (44.8%), non-Hispanic White adults (42.2%), and non-Hispanic Asian adults (17.4%)” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.). In turn, this problem creates other ones connected to health, productivity, and quality of life; thus, the gap between different groups of citizens in terms of economic, political, and social opportunities widens further. In that case, implementing the proposed project and interventions can lead to higher levels of social justice for individuals and communities.


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