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Why You Need to Use Technology in Business

E-commerce is defined as electronic data interchange between consumers and business entities. As the world becomes digitalized most business organizations have diverted their attention to electronic business. Rapid technological advancement as firms continue to exert tremendous pressure on management to cut operational costs, build relationship marketing, increase market potential and record magnificent performance, electronic business remains the only avenue. The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with a critical understanding of the concept of electronic business, largely recognizing the awesome contribution of electronic business to our modern economy. My e-business plan has already won the attention of many investors and they are now running to me so that I design for them the relevant and specific website where each business organization will tailor its marketing, products, and services to its intended clients. While designing a website there are certain specific objectives that should be looked at. One of these elements should be appealing enough to win and secure the investor’s confidence. (Ward, 2009) These are discussed below:

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Business strategy: when designing a business website close reference should be made to the organizational business strategy. The programmer should ensure that the system design matches correctly with the business strategy. Any website designed this way will make the business to be more and more efficient and effective in meeting its core as well as strategic objectives. (Planware, 2009). This again will make the firm to be more competitive and therefore overcome its key rivals. The essence of any adoption of information technology is that it should be able to lead to cost efficiencies, provide competitive advantage and make the firm more responsive to both local and international market needs. This feature is applicable to all these businesses i.e. Howard, Whalen Clean, and Dea’s Downline.

Usability: where a client is running so many business units like Dea’s Downline, staff should be able to log into the system and interact with it. Any system that is complex may only cause inefficiencies and demoralizes employees. Staff at the same time may form an alliance to resist any system that they perceive to be uncomfortable with. (Hagel & Brown, 2005, p.201)

Security concerns: any website should never be susceptible to any attack or invasion by intruders. Where this happens then the vendor is likely to suffer severely. Any damage caused to the business is likely to affect so many customers. This may inconvenience entrepreneurs. So security becomes a great concern. This is appropriate for Dea’s Downline who has numerous recruitment agents with possibly large numbers of clients. An intruder may pose into the website to falsify information and thus cause serious damages. The fact that cosmetics are sensitive underscores the need for a secure website (Planware, 2009)

Flexibility: Howard Chess Sets requires a very flexible website that is also interactive. A web design should be under the control of that particular business and should be flexible enough to change over time to suit the changing environmental circumstances. A flexible system will make the organization to be market as well as customer-focused by constantly changing to match their preferences and desires. (Hagel & Brown, 2005, p.205)

What adds value to the business?

One feature that adds value to the current business system is that it’s cost-effective. This when compared with the traditional business system leaves a big difference. Investors like avenues that generate returns quickly. At the same time, it can also be said that a website has the capability of linking people who are geographically apart and that it makes global trade possible within few hours. This was never possible with the traditional business. A website is also paperless and when doing an electronic business there are intermediaries. A person is, therefore, able to reach his clients directly without the services of unnecessary middlemen who may alter the message intended to go to the consumers. (Brandenburg & Nalebuff, 1997)

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In order to maximize business potentials, organizations should increasingly use modern technology in the business environment.


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