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Woodrow Wilson’s “The New Freedom” Campaign

Woodrow Wilson: Biography

Woodrow Wilson was a notable political figure and the 28th president of the United States. He was born in Staunton, Virginia, in 1856, yet his ancestry line could be traced back to his Irish grandparents (Mulder 6). He grew up in a big family of four children (Mulder 9). Despite the fact that slave labor was used in his household, and his parents openly supported the Confederacy, Wilson grew up to become an active supporter of the Democratic Party (Mulder 69). The environment in which he spent his early formative years had a direct impact on him.

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However, the impact of Woodrow Wilson’s studies should not be overlooked, either, when considering the impact that he produced as a political figure. He received an excellent education as he enrolled at Princeton University and, later on, into the University of Virginia School of Law (Mulder 62). In addition, Wilson built quite a successful personal life as he married Ellen Louise Axson. Axson provided extensive support to her husband in his political career (Mulder 86).

Historical and Cultural Context

Being famous for his campaign platform known as “The New Freedom,” Woodrow Wilson gained sizeable support from the American population. The document in question was crucial for the further development of American political, economic, and social life due to the presence of a massive economic crisis that was hampering progress extensively (Marquardt 75). The restrictions that entrepreneurs faced in the American market limited their activities to a great extent. The situation aggravated due to the infamous Panic of 1893, which resulted in a long-term economic depression for the U.S. (Boyer et al. 574). The situation seemed dire since the collapse of some of the most trustworthy Wall Street financial organizations implied a rapid and uncontrollable economic demise. Specifically, the levels of unemployment rose from 3% to 11% within a year (Jenkins 55). Thus, a series of immediate and effective actions were needed to control the situation.

In order to address the recession and create additional opportunities for business development, Wilson offered “The New Freedom,” which promised three major reforms in the economic context. The proposed solution to the lack of freedom in the American market allowed expanding the field of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the American market. Reducing the extent to which the government regulated business, “The New Freedom” encouraged the active development of the state economy. Thus, the economic recession affected Wilson directly by encouraging him to use the full extent of his capacities to reduce the detrimental effects of the crisis.

Research on Woodrow Wilson

Due to the incredible impact that “The New Freedom” and his decisions, in general, had on the American economy, Woodrow Wilson cemented his image as a political innovator in the history of the U.S. Therefore, there are numerous biographies of Wilson, as well as studies of the influences that “The New Freedom” had on the American economy, the prerequisites for the creation of “The New Freedom,” and other issues. While the analysis of Wilson’s contribution to the development of the American market and the relationships within it should be performed while referring to trustworthy and valid sources such as academic journals, a range of sites also offer extensive information about Wilson, borrowing from previous studies. is one of those sites, with a detailed account of Woodrow Wilson’s accomplishments, key milestones in his life, and other important facts listed (“Woodrow Wilson| The White House”). Since the site is located at domain, its content can be considered trustworthy.

Similarly, the site offers an analysis of Wilson’s works and the effects that he produced on the economy of the U.S. Since the site is located at domain, it can also be regarded as a trustworthy repository of information about the president and his work. The thought-provoking commentaries about Woodrow Wilson’s work and its impact that the site offers give deeper insight into the significance of the change that he promoted (“Woodrow Wilson”). Neither of the two sites was directly dedicated to Woodrow Wilson, yet they offered a comprehensive overview of his life and work.

Historical Impact of Woodrow Wilson

The effects that Wilson’s decisions made on the U.S. economy and history, in general, are immense. Although the measures that Wilson took were not enough to avoid the devastating years of the Great Depression, the opportunities that he created for business development and economic growth were genuinely tremendous. Thus, the life and actions of the president impacted not only the people that were in his command but also the entire population of the U.S. Entrepreneurs benefitted directly from the drop in the amount of control that the government exerted over their action in the American market. However, with the rise in economic opportunities, other members of the U.S. population also experienced a tangible improvement in the quality of their lives.

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Moreover, in retrospect, the changes that Woodrow Wilson made to the American economy predetermined the creation of the modern concept of a free market, where relationships between participants are not regulated by the government. Therefore, the decisions made by Wilson still echo in the American business environment. Arguably, the outcomes of Wilson’s decision will still be present in the future as the American market develops new characteristics and becomes even more flexible.

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