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Adult Nursing Theories, Practice and Health Promotion


NHS offers a wide range of services that are beneficial to Britons in making healthcare more available in the United Kingdom. Among these are health assessment tools that are accessible by everybody in the country. These tools include fitness, healthy eating, lifestyle checks and sexual health tools among others. This paper describes some of these tools as they have promoted good healthcare in the UK.

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Depression assessment test

This tool gives some of the common symptoms of depression as manifested by most people. They include disturbed sleep, hopelessness, lack of bodily energy and low self-esteem (Depression assessment 2011). As described under this tool, depressed people show most of these symptoms. The tool is aimed at helping people know whether they are depressed or not based on their previous and current feelings. The questionnaire is designed to reveal their feelings and emotional experiences, appetite, communication difficulties and perception towards media entertainment. Clients are able to know their depression status and advised according to the results. The tool also gives links for important information about depression.

Fitness tools

They include a wide range of sections which evaluate the fitness of individuals. The first tool is fitness self-assessment which shows how an individual is close to the recommended level of fitness. According to this tool, people who meet recommended levels of fitness are less likely to suffer from diseases like heart attack and diabetes. Similarly, the tool gives a nine weeks running plan to help patients and other people to run and remain physically fit. The fitness video wall comprises of videos that cover different ways of keeping fit across all ages. Bicycle riding and Bollyhood dancing are among the proposed fitness activities (Fitness tools 2011). The tool also ranks clients on the world fitness scale and helps individuals to identify their suitable sport based on aptitude and psychological tests.

Health and safety tools

The tool gives a range of safety checks and measures for people in different environments. It gives a back pain guide and information on how to prevent common back pains and advice on how to correct such complications. It also gives a workplace evaluation for people to understand their safety while at work and appreciate improvement measures in promoting healthy workstations (Fitness tools 2011). The tool further tests home hygiene to assess risk levels and give recommendations necessary to boost hygienic standards at home. Workplace stress test assesses how Britons are affected by stress at their places of work plus links of information on how to work safely without depression. Other tests offered include an assessment on food allergies, the use of a first aid kit, and a barbecue safety guide.

Healthy eating tools

Under this package, a supermarket health checker has been designed to help Britons to cut down their fat, salt and fat consumption through weekly healthy shopping. Besides this check, a healthy eating assessment that analyzes safety dietary and common eating disorders has been provided (Healthy eating 2011). Through life experiences, Britons are able to understand the risks associated with poor eating disorders and how to overcome them. Additionally, the meal planner is designed to help in the selection of meals for five days. It has recipes and shopping lists for Britons to follow when purchasing and preparing meals. Similarly, a barbecue safety and food allergies assessment has been incorporated.


Based on the above description, it is evident that NHS tools have a significant impact in the United Kingdom. Through checks and assessments, Britons are able to monitor their health and take corrective measures in promoting and maintaining healthy living.


Davies, F. 1997, Risk Assessment at work: practical examples in the NHS. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Web.

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