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Advantages of Instructional Technology

Instructional technology is a relatively broad umbrella term that comprises a variety of techniques, tools, and approaches. Its simplest definition is “the theory and practice of using technology for education,” which can take numerous forms (LSU Online). It continues spreading across the world, simplifying and fastening the educational process and releasing both instructors and students from unnecessary paperwork. However, this is not the only benefit of instructional technology, as the digitalization of study promotes learners’ independence.

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With the use of technology, there is no need for consulting the instructor on a continuous basis. Information has grown accessible in the measure never given before. Online encyclopedias, thematic websites, and other sources of that kind provide incomparably more facts and details than a single person is physically able to. However, the data collected need a thorough filtration, which a really competent instructor should actually teach the learners.

In addition to searching, storing big arrays of information has also grown considerably easier. Thus, our classroom website hosts all coursebooks as well as additional literature that has been organized into a virtual library. Such a technical solution not only makes the use of materials more comfortable but also encourages the students to work on their own. From my point of view, not being attached to a particular chapter or unit within the topic gives a good motivation for further learning. Simply put, the extension of limits regarding what to read and watch makes me do so more. Getting acquainted with extra sources, in turn, allows for a wider perspective and fosters the formation of a personal opinion.

To summarize, instructive technology means integrating technology into education, which proves efficient in organizing and advancing the latter, also due to its contribution to learner independence. The primary advantage of utilizing technology for learning is an outstanding increase in the availability of information. Despite that, a prevalence of online resources over a lecturer’s instructions in the structure of a course stimulates unsupervised, individual study, which, in turn, favors self-development.


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