Anglicare Company’s Communication Structures

Executive summary

This is a report of an interview held with Sarah Drum a worker with Anglicare. The interview was purposed to find out the organization’s communication structures. With this as a guide, it was easy to formulate the questions even before I met with the interviewee. This was measured against documented and orthodox communication structures within an organization. The appraisal was done after the interview and criticism were also done. The sources that are used in the report are peer-reviewed which proves euthenics. More information about the organization has been drawn from the organization’s official website.

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Communication within an organization is usually complex. This is characterized by the various issues of protocol, confidentiality, and other processes. Even though each organization has its own salient features in its mode of communication, there are some common factors that have been evident in many organizations. This has been so especially in the new dispensation of computerized information technology and communication. Issues that are evidenced in communication involve; ways of resolving conflicts, intercultural differences, the passage of information through various hierarchies, and sharing the available information (Witsel, 65).


Since we started our communication study, my mind had been thinking about the mode of communication in a multicultural setting. Thus, when we were requested to conduct interviews I purposed to look for an organization that drew its members from diverse backgrounds. Luckily enough I happened to be visiting the neighborhood of Anglicare and made an appointment with Sarah. Our interview was held at her office. To gather information, I relied on open-ended questions that are easy to analyze. Most of the questions that I posed were on my list which made me feel more relaxed during the conversation.


In evaluating the organization’s communication issues in Anglicare, I first had an in-depth study of the organization’s communication skills. Most of the information that I required was available in the course syllabus. However, secondary data was sought from other sources that included refereed articles and works. According to our coursebook, there are many structured and unstructured paths of communication within an organization.

The most common is the use of memos to communicate the information between various departments and persons within an organization. The importance of each of these modes of communication is derived from its usage. The other common mode of communication is through formal meetings. During meetings, the participants are expected to understand the same things which are not usually the case. Minutes for the meetings must be taken for future reference (Kumar, 120).

The main hindrance to communication within an organization is context misunderstanding. Though it is common for any organization to use terminology that is common in an industry and which each of the members is expected to be conversant with, it is common for members to have a different understanding of different sets of words. Misinterpretation leads to the passage of wrong information by the first recipient (Rahim, 23). This mostly results in wrong feedback and also wastage of time and other resources in efforts of correcting the error.

However, in Anglicare, the biggest problem is cultural differences. The company which deals with different countries and also the staff who are drawn from various countries have cultural issues to deal with. The staff members and the refugees use different accents which force the staff to make assumptions of things they do not understand. This is not a periodic circumstance as refugees trickle in often. Thus each new entrant is a new accent case to deal with (Nagalkekerk, 100).

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With this comes the issue of body language. The staff has to understand the various body languages that the persons use in their cultures. For example, some communities nod their heads to accept and shake it to negate, while other communities nod the head to negate and shake it to accept. Similarly, there are cultures that acknowledge handshake while others do not acknowledge handshake. These are some of the challenges that the staff had to deal with day by day. The staff of Anglicare has to make sure that the other members of the home understand this by teaching them (Stewart, 145). This is also problematic as not all persons are ready to accept other traditions. The staff has to be careful about this not to undermine any of the cultures that are represented in the community.


The organization holds weekly meetings in which all the problems that need to be settled are tabled. This happens every Wednesday from nine in the morning till noon. At this time most of the other functions are stopped so that all the staff can participate in the meetings. Alongside the formal meetings, the organization also holds informal meetings. These are consultative meetings between the staff whenever one has an issue that he or she cannot solve singularly. These meetings can be held at any time (Anglicare, 15).

The organization also communicates with other organizations. These include among other hospitals and counselors. The help of these groups is needed in certain stages of the activities of the organization. The members especially the new ones need to be taught how to adapt to the new environment and also how to live positively no matter the situation at home. Forums are usually created where these experts come and teach the staff on the various developments in their areas of expertise (Stewart, 56).

To enhance morale and high productivity, the staff is encouraged to work as a team, and motivations are given to the better performing staff. This is an indirect form of communication to all the staff to always work hard so as to attain the same position as the award winners. These programs also instill confidence in the staff and help in the sharing of information between the experienced staff and the less experienced staff.

The main conflict that members of Anglicare deal with is the distinction between customers and friends. While the organization receives a lot of customers, the staff gets acquitted to persons from different walks of life. The friendships usually extended even after the customer leaves the premises and settles down. Whenever such a person shall need professional; work in the future, the staff with whom he or she is acquainted shall have a hard time balancing the friendship and profession (Mancuso, 23).


The communication issues that are experienced at Anglicare are not unique to that organization only. Almost any organization that has members of different cultures always has to deal with matters of cultural differences. Moreover, the issue of misinterpretation is common even in unstructured organizations. As Sarah puts it, each person has to find a way of suiting in a new environment. The new dispensation that has seen the introduction of a communication and public relations department in organizations is plausible as it is bound to minimize some of these cases.


According to the words of Sarah, it is the staff that is involved in the formal meetings where the main problems that are in the organization are solved. However, it is not worth that even the other members of the organization may have an issue that they would like presented directly to the strategic management and be involved in solving them. Thus I would recommend that the organization include the representatives of the refugees in their meetings.

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