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Apple’s Technology Effect on Governments

Today, governments should be more receptive to changing government operations, enhancing competence, and providing modern public service. To realize these goals, many government departments and IT firms have to embrace mobile computing gadgets in general, and the iPad and iPhone in particular.

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Many people, government departments, and organizations are already utilizing their personal or government-issued iPads and iPhones for individual and various job-associated duties. And the increasing application of Apple’s iOS system is making some governments consider changing the way their departments and people work (Wood, 2012).

The technology entails utilizing iPads as tools for training civil servants in classrooms and using iPhones as devices for surfing the electronic databanks during boardroom meetings. The government implements iPads in classrooms and iPhones in boardrooms. The technology will allow a government officer at a public forum to better serve the people by providing specific responses on various issues without much trouble. In addition, employees in the central office will be capable of tracking documents with better efficiency when utilizing iPads linked to the common information databank rather than utilizing paper files.

Generally, government employees like the iPhone compared to blackberry as it is easier to use. Overall, Apple has not been proactive in pursuing the enterprise market since Steve Jobs was not interested in doing business with the government because he focused on individual consumers. Tim Cook, the new CEO is more focused on the enterprise market and it remains to be seen as to what his next strategies are for doing business with the government (Wood, 2012).

When implementing iPad/iPhone projects, there are many development and deployment concerns to address. The cost of acquiring iPads/iPhones and related software is quite high. Other costs include the cost of data which is at $3790 for 16 GB, $5790 for 32 GB, and $6790 for 64 GB. These costs include a maintenance fee, which covers technical support and accidental damage for two years. The benefits of acquiring data from iPads/iPhones are that they are less expensive compared to acquiring PCs and that they are newer technologies, which are more attractive to the government (Wood, 2012).

Generally, iPads and iPhones come with iOS 5.1 which is a mobile application platform consisting of more than 200 applications. The features of iOS 5.1 include incorporation, camera, Messaging system, notification center, reminders, and a large portfolio of mobile features in the Apple device.

The most important aspect of iOS 5.1 is iCloud, which is an essential storage space for email, data, pictures, and applications that allow sharing of information among Apple products. Another advantage is that Apple products come with free tutorials that teach people how to use the technology.

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The biggest demerit of the iPad/iPhone technology is the absence of encrypted security for the government since only people with high-security clearances have access to private data. However, the government is still interested in purchasing Apple items in spite of the insecurity provided that it can find a way of encrypting the devices.

Another demerit is that the IT department has difficulty in acquiring a lot of Apple items since its procurement process, especially for the government is more complex compared to other providers. In conclusion, the recognition and usefulness of the technology make iPad and iPhone a perfect foundation for enhancing government operations. Many governments are already generating creative solutions that enhance public service, increase service optimization, and make government data available to the public.


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