Black Theology and Its Impact on Drug Addiction


I have chosen the topic of Black Theology and its impact on drug addiction because I have experienced the impact of opioid addiction on my family. My mother has been addicted to prescription opioids for approximately eight years, and it has been a highly traumatic experience for the family. While conducting this research, I learned a lot of new information about possible interventions that Black Theology offers to its followers in such cases. This paper will provide my personal reflection on the information I learned and how it helped me to grow as a person.

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Throughout my life, I have seen the effects of drug addiction on people not only in the media or in surrounding communities, but also in my family. Unfortunately, after suffering from an injury eight years ago, my mother was prescribed opioids to help her deal with the pain. She has recovered with time but was not able to avoid becoming dependent on her medication. Stories like this have become the norm in modern America due to a variety of complicated reasons. My mother’s life was very negatively affected by her prescription drug addiction and it became much harder for her to perform her motherly duties.

Seeing her struggle, I understood that no one should go through this if it can be avoided, so I became inspired to become a social worker. Since then, I have worked to become a better person who can help others live fulfilling lives and hopefully avoid becoming addicted to drugs. Currently, I plan to gain a master’s degree in social work or school counseling. To gain experience in the area, I have already worked as an intern for the wife of my high school headmaster, which gave me the opportunity to tutor and mentor elementary school students from many countries.

I found my work experience to be highly rewarding because I was able to help children achieve better educational results by putting them on the right path and explaining education in a way that they could relate to. It was not an easy process, but I have dedicated my life to helping others, and it brings me great joy to see the results firsthand. I was able to grow along with the students, and I imagine that in the future similar processes will let me tackle larger issues that are currently beyond my grasp.

While writing this paper, I became much more familiar with the way that a strongly motivated and socially focused religious movement can have a positive effect on people’s lives. It is often assumed that churches help those who are in need but reading about systemic change brought by religion made it an experience I could be truly inspired by.

The way that Black Theology interprets the Bible felt not only closer to its original meaning, but also much more effective as an avenue of help to those who need it. The African American community faces a lot of issues, and drug addiction is one of the most common ones, so an effective force of social help like Black Theology is extremely valuable.

The knowledge that I acquired while conducting this research helped my understanding of drug addiction and the types of social help that can combat it. While I was previously aware of these issues and how they affect people, I feel like I am much more comfortable with making an active effort to address these issues and with trying to help as many people as I can to prevent and treat their drug addiction. I hope my mother will benefit from my help and will be able to overcome her opioid addiction in the future. Meanwhile, I will focus all my knowledge on gaining a master’s degree so I can help the people around me.

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Drug addiction is one of the most life-threatening issues in the United States. My mother experiences it on a daily basis, and I have seen her grow weaker with each year. I hope that through my interest in social work and the inspiration I gained from the principles of Black Theology, I will have a positive impact on the lives of those who need help.

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