Business Networks and Telecommunications: Data Usage

If you have important work processes how can you use a knowledge management system to capture this data?

For major organizations and especially entrepreneurship, it is crucial to capture, process, and distribute data among the staff fast and efficiently. Innovative technologies play a major role in the process of information acquisition and analysis; they allow for classifying the data so that the required bits of information could be located within the shortest amount of time and accessed by every single employee. To capture important work processes with the help of new knowledge management systems, modern telecommunications can be used.

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For instance, in a range of cases, people that are valued as high-class specialists in their field may be unable to reach the workplace for a number of reasons, starting with the distance between the office and the employee’s location and up to such factors as the employee’s physical impairments. Without modern telecommunication and knowledge management systems, the process of data transfer to the employee in question would be impossible. With such tools as the Ethernet (Oz 208), a quick and safe data transfer to any location becomes possible.

The fact that telecommunication technologies are merging also plays a great role in the process of knowledge management within a particular company. The integration of several networks into the realm in which a single device may function has contributed to the rationalization of knowledge management processes within companies as well. Finally, the fact that, apart from LANs, the networks with a radius that embraces around 30 miles (Oz 208) have emerged opens an entire pool of opportunities for companies.

How do you encourage employees to both input data into a KMS and use the data stored in a KMS? Is one easier than the other?

Because of the numerous opportunities generated by the latest technologies, and especially the introduction of Ethernet and MAN, more options for data acquisition, processing, storage, and transmission appeared. Distanced data management has finally become a possibility, which a range of companies will benefit from. However, for a number of employees, using new technologies is fraught with fighting numerous obstacles, especially the fear of making a mistake when learning entirely new skills of data management. Therefore, the methods to enhance the employees’ willingness to use the new media for information management are required to be developed.

Speaking of the tools, which may facilitate the transfer from the use of traditional media to the adoption of LAN and Ethernet tools, one may follow the models suggested by other companies, which have achieved success in the given field. For example, the experience of General Motors may be utilized in order to make the process of acquiring the related knowledge and skills easier for the staff.

According to what Oz says, General Motors equipped the tools that the staff was fully used to with the related technologically advanced devices (Wi-Fi transceivers, in the GM case (Oz 209)). Minor addition to the overall procedure, it helped the staff locate parts faster and, thus, deliver better results. As soon as the staff gets used to one small alteration, another one can be introduced to improve and rationalize the production process, and so on. Thus, a gradual alteration of the company’s processes can be carried out.

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