Google Search vs. EBSCO Information Services


The following work is devoted to the investigation of modern ways of getting information. Possibilities of a web search system are analyzed and compared with possibilities of a web library which also gives access to academic sources. Their convenience, ease of use, ability to fulfill the demands of a user, and presence of information are compared. Moreover, some experiment in order to support this work by clear evidence is carried out. The work is made taking its results into account. Moreover, some other sources are used. At the end of the work, conclusions are made.

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Widespread of web sources

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use the Internet and web sources in their work, trying to find the best information. Public libraries have become less and less popular, though they are still needed (Research Findings: The Relationship between School Libraries and Academic Achievement, n.d.). This tendency is conditioned by the fact that there is much more information on the Internet than in any library.

Moreover, it is easier to look for information using browsers than with the help of different catalogs in libraries. Researchers prefer to use different search systems and online libraries. Google is one of the most popular search systems in the world. It can find the answer to any request of a user, giving a lot of information. Moreover, there is a special tool called Google Scholar which can supply a researcher with copies of different articles (Use Google Scholar effectively for Research, 2013). However, there is also a great number of different libraries that can also give information to Internet users. With this in mind, some sort of rivalry appears.

Nowadays, it is possible to speak about the great significance of Google search for students or scientists who want to undertake a study. There is no need to look through catalogs or different books as all information can be found online (Littlefield, n.d.). Under these conditions, Google Scholar becomes very important. It is possible to prove its utility by trying to find some credible scholarly resources with its help.

Google search gives a great number of different results. This search system can guarantee that a researcher will be supplied with a great number of different sources which can be very useful in his research. Moreover, it is possible to find new sources. However, one fact should be noticed. Google search gives a great number of different hyperlinks which lead to online libraries. It is possible to say that Google Scholar combines the simplicity of usage with the availability of information.

Scholarly sources

Scholarly sources are usually presented by online libraries of a different kind. Nowadays, they are quite popular on the Internet and there is a great number of subscribers and members of these libraries. Moreover, almost every public library has its own online version which provides access to information that is stored in the library. These online databases can be also very useful for researches as they provide immediate access to information.

It is easy to look for concrete data in the library because there is a special search field there. Researcher which tries to find some academic sources in this library will also find a lot of different hyperlinks, works, and articles. Moreover, it is possible to find both new and old works. That is why it is a great advantage for a researcher if he is a member of some online library and has unlimited access to information.

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Google vs EBSCO host

It becomes obvious, that nowadays there are two main ways to look for certain information on the Internet. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to conduct an experiment to see them better. First of all number of results of a search should be compared. It should be said that Google search gives more different sources and hyperlinks and it demands less time to make a request in this system. However, not all sources given by this site are scholarly. On the other hand, EBSCO host provides fewer results however they all can be called scholarly. There are some articles from academic journals and books which can be taken as credible sources. That is why it is possible to say that EBSCO host supplies a researcher with scholarly sources better than Google Search…


Having analyzed the data, it is possible to make some conclusions. First of all, the increased popularity of online sources should be admitted. More and more people prefer to use Google search or different online libraries as the main way to collect the information for their research. These ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. Google search can supply a researcher with a larger number of different results however, they are not always credible and academic. On the other hand, online libraries supply a researcher with credible, significant, and reliable academic sources, though their number can be limited.

With this in mind, it is possible to conclude that usage of Google search or some other scholarly sources is a matter of habit. These ways can be used together for the researcher to obtain more reliable information and undertake a better study.

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