Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis

  • Title: Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis. Karnik and Kanekar try to show the threatening tendency towards the deterioration of childrens health and the actions that should be performed to change the situation.
  • Intended audience: The article could be used by professionals working in the sphere of childrens health who try to investigate the grounds of the given problem and provide credible evidence to prove their claims. However, it could also be used by students or common people to obtain an idea about the situation in general.
  • Writer background: Sameera Karnik and Amar Kanekar both investigate the issues related to the childrens health. They have PhD degrees and provide credible information.
  • Writer’s angle: The authors tend to present the existing tendency towards the increased number of children suffering from obesity. Investigators provide the idea that it happens due to the growing gap between the intake and utilization of calories. Being the main suggestion of the given article, it is devoted great attention. Karnik and Kanekar are sure that the further development of society will pose new threats to the state of childrens health.

The one-sentence summary

Karnik and Kanekar (2012) state that childhood obesity could be tackled at the population level by education, prevention, and various interventions, thought the current governmental actions are not efficient enough as they promote the deterioration of the existing problem and its further development.

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The one-paragraph summary

The paper Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis revolves around the existing tendency towards the increase of the weight ratios among children all over the world and the role genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors play in this process. The authors are sure that the combined impact of all these factors has a pernicious impact on the state of childrens health and result in the lack of activity needed to utilize consumed calories. For this reason, the investigation of various intervention strategies needed to face the challenge is performed. The authors also state that family or school-based interventions could be considered efficient enough to improve the current state of the problem.

The multiple-paragraph summary

Karnik and Kanekar (2012) revolve around the nagging problem of childhood obesity and the impact it might have on the further development of society. They state that “childhood-related obesity is an increasing concern with respect to the health and well-being of the child” (Karnik & Kanekar, 2012, p.1). In this regard, the precise investigation of the given problem is crucial for the improvement of the health of the nation. The authors suggest the idea that the usage of various interventions could change the situation.

For these reasons, they conduct the study to prove the impact environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors might have on a child and how family or school-based interventions impact the given issue. The paper provides the conclusion that highlights the significant deterioration of the quality of life of an obsessed child and emphasizes the necessity of immediate actions which should be performed to face the given challenge. Finally, Karnik and Kanekar (2012) conclude that interventions could be an efficient tool.

Your reaction

I agree with the authors claims because of numerous facts that evidence their ideas. One could admit a number of overweight children who suffer from the lack of activity. Moreover, they provide the specific examples based on the oscillations of BMI (body mass index) and credible statistics. The graphs also contribute to the better understanding of the given issue and condition the great practical utility of the paper.


Karnik, S., & Kanekar, A. (2012). Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis. International Journal Of Preventive Medicine, 3(1), 1-7. Web.

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