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Christianity Views on Abortion Concepts, the Big Bang, and the Evolution Theory

Religious Studies

The relationship between culture and Christianity is a problem in today’s society. When Christianity is presented as a substitute to the existing culture, the covert chooses to either follow Christ or remain in the world of evil doings or paganism. The Bible and other Christian articles provide information related to contemporary society. They provide views on abortion concepts, the big bang, and the evolution theory.

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Scientifically, life begins after conception happens, even though other people argue that there is no way to know when life begins, contrary to medical and technological advancements. On the other hand, the Bible stipulates that life begins after birth, linking the value of life (Piper, 2021). In Genesis, God asserts that life is ‘good’ (Genesis. 1:12, 21, 25). Contemporary studies find the absence of a connection between abortion and experiencing significant mental health problems (Jacobs, 2018). According to Jacobs (2018), the theory that abortion causes depression and anxiety has been disproved, and the study that backs up the claims has been labeled methodologically flawed.

Contrary to the initial operational research findings, abortion negates the purpose of formation but should only be considered if the mother is in danger of dying. Abortion is legal in some areas under certain conditions, such as rape, physiological difficulties, or when a woman’s life is in danger. Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) advises safe abortion, I am opposed to the abortion act. Although the term abortion is not mentioned in the Bible, it speaks volumes about the act.

In Exodus 21: 22-25, the Bible enacts the situation of a pregnant woman who becomes involved in a quarrel between two men and miscarries. A difference is used when a penalty is to be levied for fetal loss and damage. The husband and the judicial officers decide on a monetary fine for the fetus. Nonetheless, the significant distinction between the woman and the fetus is essential. The woman is treasured under the contractual obligation in this scenario, while the fetus is cherished as an asset. The position indicates that the fetus has a lower status than the woman. The preceding biblical depiction does not describe the origins of life from conception but rather the formation of Adam and Eve. According to Piper (2021), a distinction needs to be made between perpetuating the sin of abortion and contraception. When a person acts against their sense of morality, they perpetrate termination of pregnancy sin.

Abortion as murder and the afterlife of a fetus are addressed in terms of parenthood, where there is a secular humanistic, research-based, and legitimate unanimous agreement. Even though the immediate religious ideology impact has been evaluated, the process by which religious ideology and abortion prevail remains unclear (“When Does Life Begin | Just the Facts,” 2021). According to Emerson (2019), religion and abortion are underappreciated topics. Religion’s most fundamental component in influencing abortion behaviors is the degree to which choices and belief systems are granted superlatively concentrated.

Big Band Theory

Astronomers explain how life began, and among many astronomers, Georges Lemaître, in 1927, stated that the universe started at a single point. He proceeded to assert that the universe then stretched and expanded to get its present size and that it could continue stretching (Kragh, 2018). Contrary to Georges and many astronomers, I believe the big bang did not happen, but God created our universe. God reveals the truth to his people through his Holy Word, the Bible, and commandments, as well as principles governing our universe (Frahm, 2021). According to Kjv (2021), God was intently involved in all aspects of creation. The key drivers behind the universe’s creation are illustrated as God’s plan and intention. Although most information about the creation is missing, the Genesis narrative in (Kjv, 2021) depicts God creating life and the ecosystem in general over seven days. The earth was null and insubstantial before its creation. Concentrations of organic matter on earth have existed for an indefinite amount of time. “Now the earth was formless and empty; darkness covered the deep’s surface, and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters,” (Siegel, 2020).

The first day of formation turned up days before the sun and the planetary system existed. On the first day, the existence of the Holy Spirit and God’s power glazed the universe. As God declares, “Let there be light…, and there was light,” the first creation week’s miracle vanquishes darkness (Genesis 5). In the book of Revelation, John states unequivocally that the God of the universe was the source of light. He alluded to a subsequent time when religious folk would be with God. “I will reign forever and ever,” he said, “and there will be no more night,” (Siegel, 2020).

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Furthermore, the sun ceased until God endowed it with the ability to shine. The light that formed day one was offered by the existence of ‘the Spirit of God.’ In reaction to the illumination originating from God’s Spirit, an evening and a morning appeared as Planet Earth turned on its axis (Siegel, 2020). God’s presence and ascendancy with scientific laws were revealed three days before the sun appeared, demonstrating the restricted limits of fundamental notions. God also made stars; the three times series could have meaning even before the sun, and earth’s moon were created. If the planetary system had been formed on a day other than the fourth, living creatures might be more predisposed to worship the graphic rays of the steward. This is a contrary view to the usual omnipotent source of light and the originator of existence.

Sun power endures a living ecosystem, generates undetectable rays, and drives photosynthetic activity (Frahm, 2021). The burst of eternal light emitted by God’s presence filters water and purifies the air. The world’s food supply relies on the sun on, which creates rain to result in unstable vaporization caused by the sun. Visible power has a way of portraying its influence on mortals.

The governing fireball in the Planetary System emits a constant stream of incoming light trying to travel at a speed of 186,282 miles a second and emits energizing authority further than understanding. Even though spectacular, it is only a helper of formed life on earth, not its origin or God (Siegel, 2020). Small-minded people deviate from the truth by worshiping fictionalized artificial non-living things sculpted from wood, disregarding the beginning and essential nature of life.

Ultimately, clouded by the solar inferno’s strenuous beams, pagan civilizations have chosen to idolize the sun’s alluring authority while also neglecting the fact that the Maker positioned the heavenly bodies in location and psyched them in indefinitely. Any abstract concept, stone idol, or graven image is not worthy of conscious worship! On day five, the Author of Scientific knowledge created “sea creatures” and “every feathered bird,” and on day six, He created “man in His image.” Man was created by the Creator of all things and given jurisdiction over all other life forms on earth, not by possibility (Siegel, 2020). It was no coincidence that there was a dizzying array of fruits, cereals, and nuts waiting for them.

God enhanced people to a place of superiority, allowing them to enjoy a connection with the Maker based on frequent and direct interaction. True faith is more than a cognitively accepted or rejected philosophical position; it begins the body and spirit to a transcendental communion with God that enhances every fiber of another being. Instead of a mechanical system, a reinforced human has direct exposure to the same supernatural strength that steered the lives of ‘Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Peter, John, and Paul.’ Many well-known philosophers of science believe life exists further than the boundaries of the Solar System.

The everlasting, Most High God and the universe He created existed well before the formation of life on this planet. Moreover, the first human being was formed from the dust of the earth, the crowning glory of the miraculous week. Sui generis, man, was created in God’s image, with dominion over all life on Earth (Abusch, 2020). A sterile blob of chemical components was converted into sparkling surroundings throbbing with diversified life forms breathing in sequential consonance in seven literal earth days. The above arguments demonstrate that the big bang theory did not exist.

Evolution Theory

Scientific studies assert that evolution is a fact and a theory that organisms have changed during the history of life on the earth. I believe that evolution is natural, but not on the scale most people believe. Animals have adapted to their environments, but we did not come from a speck of life and evolve into what we are now. The theory of evolution that life arose from genetic mutations in genetic information and evolutionary biology is known as evolution. On the other hand, creationism requires oblivious belief in the existence of life due to the participation of a supernatural creator (Pannenberg, 2021). Consequently, some argue that the debate over evolution versus creationism will never be resolved.

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The belief that only considerations in the physical realm can be recognized and demonstrated exists is empiricism. According to these researchers, evolution is the only elaboration for the emergence of life since faith in a maker is based on faith, which has no organic basis that can be, evaluated (Pannenberg, 2021). Even if this is true to some extent if humans evolved from apes, why did the evolution stop? Furthermore, if the evolution theory is correct such animals as monkeys will continue to evolve.

Other perspectives and reflections on abortion, the big bang, and evolution can be found in the Bible and research articles. The theory that abortion causes depression and anxiety has been debunked, and the study that supports the claims have been deemed methodologically flawed. The big bang did not occur, but God created our universe. God reveals the truth to his people through his Holy Word, the Bible, and commandments, as well as the principles that govern our universe. Evolution exists, but not on the scale that most people believe.


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