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Company Keyence: HR Training Program

Training Medium

To begin with, it is necessary to emphasize, that each variant has both merits and demerits. The selection of any particular variant should be base on the individual approach to a trainee. The selection of the training process and medium should be based upon the human resources principles, which define the criteria of medium selection.

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Human Resource management emphasizes that training provides a basis for developing skills, increasing efficiency and quality of work, and shaping worker loyalty to the company, and most essentially, increasing personal and organizational performance to attain results. Training and education are accepted as a worker’s benefit, and it is often used as a means of improving an employee’s morale. It is also used to increase business skills. Thus, the cooperative form of training appears to be the best, as the trainer (educator) has an opportunity to regulate the process of morale and loyalty improvement. On the other hand, these decisions (based on the medium), should be based on personal skills and achievements: thus, loyal and moral people may be trusted to train remotely (contracted or outsourced).

When selecting the training background, it is necessary to take into account, that most universities offer Human Resource training courses. Thus, the employees may be trusted to professional training staff; however, university educators will not be able to shape the necessary loyalty and moral level, required for any particular company. The interdisciplinary background is required for such courses, as they are not unified, so outsourced training will be not as efficient as internal. (Occupational Outlook, 2009)

Ideally, every company should have its own trainer (part time worker), who would study the internal situation of the company, and arrange the necessary training program, which would form the required loyalty and morale levels.

As for the other variants of training media (external and contracted), it is necessary to highlight, that these methods are not effective enough. Thus, contracted training requires high morale among employees, otherwise, the training may only harm the further working process. External is similar to contracted, and also requires firm loyalty and moral along with the background knowledge, which some workers may lack.

Taking into account all the possible troubles and difficulties, which are closely linked with the training medium, it is possible to use combined variants. The HR training may be held according to the university curriculum, while the moral and loyalty is shaped internally (during the working process). A very significant issue that is necessary to highlight is the possibility to incorporate the policy of steady qualification improvement. The company may arrange test papers regularly, and check the skills and loyalty of the workers. The training courses may be arranged according to the results of test papers: consequently, the training would be the most effective. It is one of the possible combination of joined training; however, test papers are not the panacea for defining the allover corporative situation.


Selection of training medium depends on numerous factors, and requires individual approach to every employee. Every discussed variant has its own advantages and disadvantages, however, the combined approach may be the most effective, if the variants are combined properly.

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