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Confidentiality in Cybersecurity

In the modern communication world driven by online technologies, cybersecurity is essential. Confidentiality is one of the major concepts that contribute to the security of users online as well as their personal data used in online activities. When studying networking security concepts, I learned that confidentiality is a stepping stone to protecting digital data. Indeed, the principle of confidentiality means that access to information of a user might be provided only to the user based on their authorization. Therefore, when working in the cybersecurity field, professionals develop effective means of denying access to unauthorized users so that all confidential data remains protected at all times. It is particularly relevant to secret information, both private and organizational. It is essential to protect confidential information from disclosure by third parties to prioritize the rights and interests of the owners of such information. Thus, the principle of confidentiality should be followed when digital data is processed for governmental institutions, businesses, and individuals. In such a manner, lawful use of the information will be ensured.

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Response to Kabrisha’s Post

Thank you for your brief but informative post on the role of integrity in cybersecurity. When reading your post, I have noticed that you apply the acquired knowledge about this concept to your professional outlook, which helps you reflect on the opportunities of using the things you learned in your job. Your post helped me better understand the concept of integrity as a combination of strong moral principles, primarily honesty, when working with data. To add to your post, I might refer to the relevance of integrity to the overall networking security since it helps make data trustworthy due to the protecting and verifying procedures.

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