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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL): Aims, Priorities, and Actions

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is a technology and premier nuclear knowledge firm and global leader in developing innovative applications and peaceful nuclear technology. The firm uses unique expertise in restoring and protecting the environment, advances clean energy technology, and its medical breakthroughs continue to enhance people’s health throughout the world (CNL. n.d.). Hence, the organization’s priorities constitute the creation of clean energy for today and tomorrow, restoration and safeguarding of the environment, and contribution to the health of Canadians.

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Based on Employment Equity Act, all Canadians are entitled to equal employment treatment according to the Human Rights Code. At the same time, aboriginal people have similar entitlement relative to employment, promotion, treatment, and termination. Similarly, by employment equity principles, people with disabilities, women, and racial minorities have the same entitlement as the aboriginals throughout the country (Canada. 2020). Based on the principles, every employer has the mandate to implement positive and supportive measures, ensure barrier-free employment practices and policies, and reflect a fair representation of aboriginals, women, disabled, and racial minorities. As per the organization’s code of conduct, CNL is committed to offering a workplace where every employee is treated with dignity and respect and business is performed with equity and fairness. Any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, and family status violates the firm’s code of conduct (CNL. 2017). Moreover, the company adheres to Employment Equity Act by ensuring it complies with every local, federal, national, provincial, and international law.

In terms of reverence, CNL highly respects the values of each employee and ensures fair treatment by emphasizing employees’ needs. Working through respect has been the foundation for the trust and lasting relationships between the firm and its employees (CNL. 2017). Respect manifests in how the organization commits to diversity, where employees treat each other by upholding individual dignity and fairness. Moreover, the working environment at the firm ensures employees have mutual respect and conduct themselves with fairness and professionalism (CNL. 2017). The outcome of this environment has seen the organization’s employees enjoy trust, personal accountability, teamwork, and being open to different perspectives.

Working as a contract administrator at the company requires an understanding of vast and complicated contracts assigned by the management. As such, the mandate of the contract administrator is to maintain a solid functional relationship between the firm and the corporate supply chain. Based on, an open position for this employment opportunity results in an estimated annual salary of between 59,000 and 82,000 Canadian dollars ( n.d.). According to a former project engineer at the firm, working at CNL resulted in a positive experience, and the team environment was great. The project engineer highly recommends working with the firm for anyone looking for an engineering opportunity and great experience ( 2021). A current employee, a research scientist, considers working with the organization a stress-free experience. The working range is excellent, and the managers are great; however, the level of bureaucracy at the firm is slow to an extent it hamstrings research ( 2021). The other current employee, a training consultant, regards the company as respectful and treats employees in a way that portrays it values its team members.

I would like to work for CNL is founded on the fair treatment of employees and the respect the firm has for diversity. The firm adhering to Employment Equity Act proves that regardless of one’s ethnic background, gender, and disability, the company does not encourage discrimination of any form. Moreover, the organization strives to ensure every employee reaches their full potential and supports individual differences. Lastly, by committing to diversity, the company proves it upholds individual dignity, which goes a long way in showing the level of respect it has for its employees.


Canada. (2020). An Act to amend the Employment Equity Act =: Loi modifiant la Loi sur l’quiten matire d’emploi. House of Commons of Canada

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