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Congestive Heart Failure Research Planning

The final topic is congestive heart failure (CHF) nature and readmission of people diagnosed with this disease in respective hospitals. The problem statement is formulated as follows: since CHF is one of the main health care concerns in cardiovascular care, there is a need to conduct a research and determine potential ways to improve current approaches and practices in the given field.

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In terms of the perspective research, I found 20 scholarly articles published less than five years ago to ensure that information to be collected is relevant and credible. I found 12 of them useful, while the rest is not suitable for the final project due to their focus on some other non-related aspects of care. For example, the article by Scott and Winters (2015) focuses directly on the nature of CHF and provides a valuable review of the topic to be discussed. In their turn, Marti et al. (2015) as well as Schultz, Rothwell, Chen, and Tu (2013) examine the causes and adherence to CH. In addition, I reviewed some official websites of the American Heart Association and World Heart Federation to collect recent statistics.

I collect information and store it on my personal computer to further analyze and interpret it. While writing my project, I will cite every idea and term taken from the identified sources and use paraphrasing to avoid accidental plagiarism. Currently, I am taking notes to prevent any plagiarism. I plan to complete my project in two weeks. I understand that to meet the deadlines and submit a well-organized paper, I should work on it properly and thoughtfully within this period of time. Ultimately, I will carefully proofread my paper to eliminate any grammatical, structural, or factual errors.


Marti, C. N., Georgiopoulou, V. V., Giamouzis, G., Cole, R. T., Deka, A., Tang, W. W.,… Butler, J. (2013). Patient‐reported selective adherence to heart failure self‐care recommendations: A prospective cohort study: The Atlanta cardiomyopathy consortium. Congestive Heart Failure, 19(1), 16-24.

Schultz, S. E., Rothwell, D. M., Chen, Z., & Tu, K. (2013). Identifying cases of congestive heart failure from administrative data: A validation study using primary care patient records. Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada, 33(3), 160-166.

Scott, M. C., & Winters, M. E. (2015). Congestive heart failure. Emergency Medicine Clinics, 33(3), 553-562.

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