Cybersecurity of Central Institutions


Internet is one of the integral parts of the modern digitalized society that contributes to the fast data exchange and helps to perform the majority of existing tasks fast and effectively. The rise of this tool provided multiple opportunities for the further development and achievement of new levels of evolution (Wang, Lau, & Gerdes, 2018). At the same time, the growing importance of this tool gave rise to the problem of cybersecurity as opportunistic people acquired an opportunity to interfere with the functioning of various organizations and corrupt them (Simon & de Goede, 2015). For this reason, the issue of cybersecurity acquires the top priority and should be given significant attention to preserve the existing order and guarantee the effective functioning of central institutions.

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Today, hack security is still not considered by some individuals as one of the major concerns. However, statistics evidence that there is a tendency towards the growth in the number of maleficent actions performed via the Internet and with the help of different software (Diffee & Datta, 2018). Hackers and cybercrime become one of the main threats to the functioning of society and its safety (Hatleback, 2018). For instance, the scandal associated with the recent presidential election in the USA and the use of various digital tools to impact results prove the necessity to monitor this aspect and introduce appropriate measures to prevent the future deterioration of the situation (Cowley & Greitzer, 2015).


Regarding the information provided above and the growing importance of the Internet along with the poor understanding of cybercrime and its essential character, the following project has the following goals:

  1. Analyze the concept of cybersecurity, its importance, and role in the functioning of contemporary society.
  2. Show the negative impact of hacks and cybercrime on various organizations and processes and analyze possible results.
  3. Investigate the problem of security and measures that can be performed to avoid the further deterioration of the situation and attract attention to the discussed problem.

The introduction of these objectives is explained by the fundamental need to research the topic of cybersecurity as one of the essentials from various perspectives and outline the most problematic aspects associated with it. These goals will help to conduct in-depth research on the problem and describe the most important factors that should be considered.


First of all, it is critical to review the literature regarding the growing importance of the Internet and its role in the existing society. It will help to create the theoretical framework for the discussed problem.

Second, the existing cyber threats should be evaluated with the primary aim to emphasize the problems organizations might face and the negative consequences that might appear.

Finally, possible approaches to cybersecurity should be analyzed to create a final report that includes answers to all the goals outlined above.

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Data Integrity

Cybersecurity (CS) is one of the fundamental elements of data integrity as it guarantees information safety, confidentiality, and availability to users. For this reason, the report will touch upon this aspect and discussed in regarding all three presented goals.

Annotated Bibliography

Cowley, J. A., & Greitzer, F. L. (2015). Organizational impacts to cybersecurity expertise development and maintenance. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 59(1), 1187–1191. doi:10.1177/1541931215591185

The article outlines the correlation between the work of organizations and the approach to cybersecurity among specialists working in the sphere. It contributes to a better understanding of current perspectives on the problem.

Diffee, E., & Datta, P. (2018). Cybersecurity: The three-headed Janus. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 8(2), 161–171. doi:10.1057/s41266-018-0037-7

The authors explain the nature of cybersecurity and discuss its fundamental elements that should be considered. Information can be used to show how the discussed issue should be addressed.

Hatleback, E. N. (2018). The protoscience of cybersecurity. The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation, 15(1), 5–12. doi:10.1177/1548512917737635

The paper discusses the critical need for the new approach to cybersecurity regarding its increased importance. The information can be used in the project to evidence the need for the in-depth investigation.

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Simon, S., & de Goede, M. (2015). Cybersecurity, bureaucratic vitalism and European emergency. Theory, Culture & Society, 32(2), 79–106. doi:10.1177/0263276414560415

The document outlines the European modes of governing regarding the existing threat to the Internet and the possibility of interference.

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The authors discuss how essential infrastructures can be protected regarding the high risk of hacking. The paper can be used in the project to examine the existing threats and ways to resist them.

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