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Discussion of History of Ancient Times

Significance of Romulus and Remus

In the mythology of the Romans, Romulus and Remus were twin brothers and their story tales many events which contributed to the formation of the Rome city, including the Roman Kingdom under the stewardship of Romulus (Whelan para 12). The story has greatly inspired many artists throughout the decades and gives the best impression of how Rome was found. For example, after the death of Remus, his twin brother Romulus decided to name his city after him and that was Rome city.

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Why Caesar was killed

Edelia contends that Caesar was killed because he was surrounded by inner conspirators known as the elite senators; these defied his authority and also saw Caesar as a popular leader who was a threat to their privileges (2). For example, Cassius and Brutus were Caesar’s eyes and ears within the senate but they betrayed him. More so, Caesar pardoned his foes whom he never deserved to forgive by bringing them closer as he was quoted saying “keep your enemies much closer” (2) rather than deal with them harshly. Unfortunately, these connived, and plotted his assassination. Edelia proposed that if Caesar had lived, he would have left an exemplary legacy. He would have reformed Rome and also given more power and authority to the people something that would bring about stability and development within the Rome city.

Reasons for Slavery in Ancient Times

Slavery has a long historical origin in the ancient days, and it was entirely practiced in all societies, including Rome. Slavery was practiced for military factors such as the need for sufficient soldiers in the states of the slave masters as many societies fought indigenous battles. Hunt concludes that religious factors also fuelled slave trade (8). For example, the Catholic Church wanted dominancy and thus viewed slaves as a weak link that they would easily convert into Catholics.

Difference of NT and the Greco-Romans Beliefs

The difference between the sermons on the mount and the Greco-Romans is significantly different, as evidenced that the GrecoRoman religious practices believe in many gods and goddesses. According to Giuseppe, they are polythetic traditionalists (429). Although sermons on the mount emphasize Christians should believe in one God (monotheistic), the New Testament (NT) considers the Greco-Roman religion as not being of equal value and disregards its practices.

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