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Drug Trafficking Reduction in the United States

Scope and nature of the problem

In the recent past, drug trafficking has been among the most controversial topic under discussion. This topic has gained much prominence due to the economic and health implications that have developed from drug trafficking. Arguably, our societies appear unprepared for many of the consequences that have emerged as a result of drug trafficking. According to Brown (2000), the international drug trade receives revenue of about $300-$400 billion annually.

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Such an operational budget has enabled drug traffickers to come up with better means of transporting, hiding, and producing these drugs. This not only makes it hard to track them but ensures that their drugs are distributed accordingly without fear of consequences (DIANE Publishing, 2010). It is from this sad state of affairs that concerned parties propose measures to reduce drug trafficking in America. In that regard, this proposal shall highlight various recommendations as to how drug trafficking can be mitigated.

Specific claim

Drug trafficking in the United States has been a major source of concern to parents, government authorities, and the general citizenry. This is because the trade has infiltrated our homes, schools, and communities further rendering them useless in this fight against drugs. The United States government war on drugs has in the past decades resulted in the loss of money, lives, and law enforcement effort with little to no results to show for it. This is mainly because the resources and operational budget dedicated to this war is too little as compared to that of the drug traffickers. This fact, therefore, calls for new approaches to this menace.

Specific aspects of the research topic to address

Three aspects shall be addressed in this research. The first one shall be a reduction in the supply of illegal drugs in America. As Warner (2010) states, the availability of drugs in our streets increases the likelihood of them being abused. As such, this research shall highlight various measures that can be implemented to reduce the supply of drugs in America. Supply reduction will therefore be a key component in providing a balanced approach to drug control.

The second aspect that shall be researched shall be the coordination of interdiction operations. This means that various law enforcement agencies work together in this fight against drug trafficking. As Kleiman (2011) acknowledges, law enforcement agencies can never get all the drugs that get into our country. However, the author proposes that if different agencies work together, they shall in the end reduce the number of drugs that manage to penetrate these coordinated efforts. Under this strategy, further research shall be done on how such efforts affect the drug trafficking industry and the trafficker’s ability to distribute.

The third aspect that shall be covered shall be the promotion of transit zone operations. Transit zones refer to the routes that are commonly used to traffic particular goods from one area to another. In this regard, a detailed analysis of the known transit zones shall be provided. Recommendations as to how best law enforcement agencies can ensure that these zones are drug-free shall also be offered. As Warner (2010) reiterates, having a task force that thoroughly patrols the waters and monitors airplane activities around the transit zones will not only frustrate the trafficking industry but will also cut off the supply line thereby de-motivating traffickers from this trade.

Method of data collection and topic justification

The primary source of data used in data collection shall be interviews and questionnaires which shall be designed to gather first-hand information and views as to how drug trafficking can be reduced in America. This shall further be supplemented by secondary sources including relevant government websites and books written by accredited scholars. Drug trafficking is a serious menace to our society.

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Not only does it lead to social ills such as violence, robbery, and antisocial behaviors, but it also threatens the prosperity of our societies by limiting our abilities to perform, all the while shattering the hopes and dreams of many citizens (Sherman, 2010). As such, a deeper look into how this menace can be reduced is not only logical but a necessary endeavor towards securing a better tomorrow.


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