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Barack Obama’s Speech on State of the Union

There is a tradition on State of the Union night that the President of the USA gives a speech in which he outlines his main thoughts about his country, current state of affairs, condition of the economy, and his ideas about the future of his country. The speech is usually given to the public to analyze it and to get to know about the main thoughts of the President. With this in mind, it is possible to separate some main ideas and try to analyze them. First of all, it is possible to speak about Barak Obamas disquietude, main thoughts, and proposals about the state of the economy of the USA, the aftermath of the world financial crisis, and the influence it has on the economy of the country. The president underlines the importance of this question and shows his understanding of the great significance of this question. First of all, he speaks about the new budget and its main advantages and disadvantages.

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Underlining the leading character of the USA in the world, the President, however, underlines some problems which still exist and gives possible solutions to them. The first thing which troubles him very much in the absence of paid sick leave for more than forty-three million workers. It is a great problem which seems to be very important nowadays in the USA. The president underlines that the absence of paid sick leave makes citizens of the country not sure about their future, which is pernicious under conditions of a world crisis. With this in mind, Barak Obama underlines his willingness to create and advance new laws that will guarantee at least seven days of paid sick leave. It becomes clear that the President is trying to attend a lot of attention to the social sphere, trying to improve the current state of affairs and make citizens more confident in their future. Moreover, the President wants Congress to adopt the law according to which women will be able to get the same salary as a man gets for doing the same job. Analyzing this intention, it is possible to say that these suggestions can find support among citizens of the USA as they touch on very important issues which have been actual for decades. Trying to find a solution to these problems, the President wants to guarantee the stable development of this country. Moreover, his desire to equal men and women shows his real intention to get rid of the manifestations of gender-based discrimination.

One more important issue which was touched by the President was a little bit traditional. The president mentioned race relations in the USA, speaking about the existing problem of race discrimination. Underlining the importance of finding a solution to this question, he stressed the fact that he has already been trying to find a good answer to this question for six years and is not going to stop, suggesting new and new immigration laws to Congress. However, there is a response to this speech from the Republican party, which criticizes Obamas vision of the problem. Representatives of this party usually vote against immigration laws proposed by the President, saying that they cannot change the current situation for the better.

Having analyzed the President’s main ideas, it is possible to say that they are quite clear and very important for the state nowadays. The question of immigration becomes more and more actual, and some good solution to it should be found immediately to guarantee the further development of the country.

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