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Email System Upgrade: Project Scope Statement

Project Objective

To upgrade the existing email system by January 15th, 2011, in such a way that it becomes: one system with a capacity of 2500 users, replacing the existing 5 systems and making it capable of both LAN and remote (Wi-Fi) access; install new standards and protocols, reconfigure the helpdesk and support infrastructure, sell the old equipment and upgrade users’ PCs to accommodate the new email system; all this at a cost of $1000, 000.

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  • An upgraded email system serving 12 departments and offices that is powered by the following features:
    • LAN and remote access capable of accommodating 2500 users.
    • New standards and protocols
    • Upgraded Help desk and support infrastructure
    • Cash Receipt from sold old equipment
    • Net-worked and Upgraded PCs


  1. Project Charter —December 4
    The project charter is the document that shows proof of acceptance of the project by management, and other stakeholders. A senior manager and key stakeholders sign the charter usually after an initial project launch meeting where the project manager explains about the scope and work that would be done.
  2. Feasibility study report—December 10
    Feasibility Study: This is an investigation into the Economic, Technical and Operational Visibility of the email system. To persuade the sponsor to invest more into system, convincing proof of the cost and benefits as well as expected value of the system has to be given; the system has to be technically executable hence proof will be found on the operating system. Operationally the staff and other stakeholders have to be asked about their views on whether they can work with the system.
  3. Systems Analysis: System process flow diagram, data flow diagram —December 17
    The layout of the building, offices, partitioning, installations and furniture needs to be looked at to determine how networking will be carried out for the physical flow of data. On data analysis an investigation needs to be done on the kind of data and reports the system is likely to produce so that the necessary software can be procured.
  4. System Design: New Email system on paper — (before Christmas) December 23
    The systems design phase will produce a number of alternative e mail systems, some expensive, others more detailed and others not so suitable for the occasion. Management will choose the best alternative which will be adopted for the final construction of the system.
  5. Constructed (physical) Email system—January 7, 2011
    Construction will involve actual networking (placement of network cables), configuring the LAN, upgrading computers and any other activities needed to have the system up and running.
  6. Testing report —January 10
    Testing will involve selecting a number of users to actually use the system and remove any bugs they report from the system.
  7. User training report—January 14
    The users will be trained on how to use the new system.
  8. System change over party (and end of project)—January 15
    Once the project manager is sure that everything is according to plan the existing five systems will be removed and a complete changeover will be effected. The project will have been successfully completed.
  9. Evaluation and maintenance report—February 18
    Evaluation and maintenance is a continuous activity which can be done and reported after a while say after one month.

Technical Requirements

  1. 50,500 meters net working cable and accessories.
  2. Wi-Fi installation kit
  3. 2500 PCs upgraded to the following specifications: Hard disk 80GB, RAM512, Operating system – Windows XP and a mini-frame server.
  4. LAN antivirus
  5. Standards and protocols


  1. The actual Email system will be constructed according to the prototype approved by management during the systems design phase.
  2. The system has standard security features only.
  3. Heavy downloading is monitored.
  4. Only a number of networked printers available at designated places.


  1. Unlimited connection.
  2. No downloading restrictions for managerial staff
  3. Teleconferencing feature installed

Customer Review

I have reviewed the information contained in this Scope Statement and agree.

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