Ethics at Workplace and in Professional Life | Free Essay Example

Ethics at Workplace and in Professional Life

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Topic: Business & Economics

Ethics: Definition

Ethics has been explored from a range of perspectives and, therefore, has a number of definitions. The concept of ethics can be viewed through the lens of numerous ethical theories, including Utilitarianism, Deontology, Relativism, to name just a few (Butts, 2015). However, most theories agree that the essence of ethics can be summarized as the set of behavior standards developed based on a specific idea of moral and immoral, or good and bad (Chappell, 2014).

According to Thiroux and Krasemann (2016), “Ethics deals with what is right or wrong in human behavior and conduct” (p. 2). Furthermore, the subject matter is also viewed as the science that addresses the notion of ethics and studies the development of moral standards and the implications of moral actions (Kramer, 2014).

Importance of Ethics

The significance of studying ethics cannot possibly be underrated. Ethical principles will guide me in both personal and professional life. For instance, it is crucial to make sure that the decisions made in the workplace environment should meet the needs of all stakeholders and should not cause any harm (Zgheib, 2014). Furthermore, when facing a moral dilemma when meeting my workplace responsibilities, I will be able to follow the principles of ethics so that minimum harm could be done to any of the stakeholders involved.

Similarly, ethical standards are crucial in defining my actions in my personal life. For instance, building relationships with the family members and friends is a challenging task, especially when it comes to conflict management (Johnson, 2015). However, by following key ethical standards, I will use conflicts as the foundation for learning important lessons. As a result, studying ethics will help me be successful in both personal and professional life.


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