Falling in Love

What is love? Is it related to the butterflies flying in the air, the flowers blossoming and the birds singing? It usually associates with the springtime, as it is a start of something new. It is the best season for beginning a romantic adventure. The girls could not leave home without checking in from of the mirror, as it is the perfect season to find Prince Charming. You probably expect that my story happened in spring.

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However, you are completely wrong. I was cursed to fall in love in winter. You probably think that the miracle happened during the Christmas season. You are again wrong. It was an ordinary day. Nothing seemed unusual, apart from the feeling that it was cold, as it was during the ice age. I did not turn into the mammoth, but it was freezing. Now I will let my story begin.

I woke up. It was just a regular day. I wrapped up in the blanket and looked outside of the window. The sun was shining, and the snowflakes were waltzing in the air. I felt amazed, and the feeling of happiness completely warmed my body. No blanket was needed, so I jumped off the bed, dressed up, and ran outside. I was walking pointlessly around the city. The thoughts and ideas were eating by my brain.

Suddenly, I collided with someone; it felt like a pure car crash. I felt down in the snow and looked up. I certainly crashed into “Mercedes”. He was handsome, “expensive”, and probably was Prince Charming of the car industry. I forgot to mention that I looked like a gnome or a wrecked car, so there was no chance that he would want to look at me. However, for some reason, he smiled and helped me to get up. He asked me something, but I did not hear. I was shocked and enamored with his smile. He said something again and left. I was still standing there, after ten minutes I realized that I should go home. My “car crash” turned out to be my “love crash”.

I came home, and the feeling of disgraceful happiness filled my heart. It was like a cup of the hot chocolate with the marshmallows. However, the chocolate was going over the edge since I could not keep it all in one cup. I wanted to share it with my recent Prince Charming. Suddenly, I realized that my hot chocolate was figuratively on the carpet. It seemed that I decided to share it with the floor, as my beloved one was not around. Cleaning “love” out of the white carpet was the worst way to spend time.

Thinking about my new friend gave me the magic powers, and the carpet was squeaky clean within twenty minutes. For some reason, I was still sitting on the floor for some time. It did not feel like leaving, it felt like dreaming. I was swallowed by my thoughts about my prince charming. It seemed so magical and innocent that I could not throw them out of my head. They made me feel peaceful and alive.

You might say that it is stupid to pay attention to the little moments. However, you never know if I meet him again, as it is just a part of the story. I do not regret it, as it made me happy. Miracles happen every day, who knows what will be tomorrow.

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