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Importance of Responsible Person

Being a responsible person entails doing the right thing in the right way. When one is responsible, he or she becomes accountable for his or her actions. Responsibility has everything to do with making wise consideration for all factors when making a decision.

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Responsibility is required most when a situation pushes one to make hard decisions. At times of making hard decisions, responsibility comes in as options have to be weighed carefully; actually, being responsible may sometimes push one to make unpopular decisions. A responsible person, therefore, is one who does the right thing in the right way, and this often leaves such a person satisfied with his or her actions.

I feel responsible for many things in my life, but the major two are my studies and my physical body. I take care to do the right things and in the right manner in regard to my studies. I know that to succeed in life, I need to excel in studies. Excellence in studies calls for time management and dedication to studies, and this will only be possible if one feels responsible for his or her studies. I also take care to ensure that my physical body is healthy. I accomplish this by ensuring that I engage in responsible actions that expose no or minimal danger to my body.

There are things that are beyond my control, and these are often the ones that I do not feel responsible for. For instance, my parents are still taking care of my upkeep and, therefore, I feel less responsible for my personal upkeep. I also do not feel responsible for the legislations that our legislatures make as my position as an individual as a negligible influence in the legislation process. Furthermore, I do not feel responsible for the private lives of other students, especially those I am not close to. Whether they are engaged in substance abuse or not does really stir any concern in me and, therefore, I do not feel responsible for them.

My sense of responsibility extends beyond my immediate environment only in situations that I feel my influence has some weight. For instance, if a close friend gets engaged in substance abuse, then I will feel responsible for talking with him in regard to the dangers of engaging in substance abuse. I feel responsible for my friends because that is the reality of true friendship – we need to watch out for each other. My sense of responsibility also extends to strangers in special situations; for instance, if I realize a person I am with is doing something wrong but without his or her knowledge, then I will feel responsible for him or her and spare a few minutes to lend him or her some help.

I take things that are close to my life seriously. One such thing is my education. I know my future life is dependent on my education, and, therefore, I take my studies seriously. Another thing is my family. My family is always there for me, and it has made me what I am by providing for my physical and moral needs. In order to excel in education, I know that I need to stay healthy. I seriously care about my health, and I do this by watching my diet and constantly engaging in physical exercises.

My close friends are also quite important to my life, and I also take them seriously. This is because they are often strategic in my life: we exchange ideas and help each other in making correct decisions. Finally, I take my lecturers seriously in as far as studies are concerned. I respect them as they have authority over me in my studies, and I look upon them to perform well and excel in my studies. I often approach them for advice on academic issues, and because of this, they have become an integral part of my life.

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