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Gasoline Consumption Statistics


In every day life, there are many activities that we do which have negative impact on the environment. Most of the environmental degradation occurs from the use of resources or exploitation of these resources. However, consumption remains the major cause of environmental pollution that is done throughout ones life. The environment we live in should be protected by all means if at all there will be life in the future.

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In my case I feel that I pollute the environment through the use of gasoline in my car, a Chevrolet Impala that I drive every day for approximately 40 miles per day. Although my car is a flex fuel type that can use gasoline or ethanol or a mixture in any proportion, most of the time I use gasoline due to its availability. The exhaust fumes from the car produces green house gases that is, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sometimes sulphur gases. The production of green house gases is a threat to the environment and will lead to the problem of global warming. As an environmentalist, I am concerned so much about the environment and I plan to reduce the amount of environmental degradation that I cause every day.

Gasoline consumption

Gasoline is made out of processed crude oil and has a very strong smell. It contains over 150 chemicals that include the BTEX compounds, that is, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene. The use of gasoline in my car causes pollution to the environment through the production of the green house gases. Driving for 40 miles a day therefore means that I contribute a lot to the global warming process that is a great environmental disaster. Gasoline is also very volatile and it escapes to the air when I refill my car and the strong fumes are dangerous to both the environment and human health. The following is an equation of the combustion process in my car engine:

Gasoline (Hydrocarbons) + Air (Oxygen and Nitrogen) Water + Carbon Dioxide + Nitrogen gas

My car has the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation device that prevents the formation of the No gases that pollute the air during combustion of gasoline. The car has a perfect engine where combustion of fuel is complete and there is no production of Carbon monoxide. (Frances, 2001 pp. 56-211). However this is not enough because using gasoline causes some amount of pollution to the environment.

The amount of pollution produced by the vehicle every day is an environmental hazard and I feel that I have to do something about it. Gasoline is a fossil fuel that is exploited through mining, the process of its extraction is on its own an environmental degradation process. The mines where they are extracted as crude oil are left bare and cannot be useful for any other activities. Purification process is very expensive and that is the reason why the prices of gasoline continues to rise day in day out. Fossil fuel is non renewable and the use of gasoline in my car reminds me that some years to come, there will be no any gasoline in the world if an alternative is not found. The use of gasoline is very hazardous since it evaporates into the atmosphere which can cause serious environmental problems and health hazards.

The problem of pollution is very expensive as it has long term effects on the environment, the daily contribution of the green house gases to the atmosphere by my little car can cause adverse effects if I do not do something about it. The entire ecosystem is affected by the use of gasoline in cars. The formation of the acid rain destroys vegetation and as a result the natural environment is interfered with. The temperature rise in the globe is alarming and by knowing that I am a contributor to the problem I have looked for resolutions to reduce the rate of pollution that I contribute to the environment by using gasoline.

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A plan on reduction of pollution by gasoline

As an environmentalist, I have chosen a lot of alternatives just to make sure that the environment will not blame me for not protecting it. As we all know that nature is very unforgiving. Once you interfere with the environment, at one time you will have to suffer for the degradation. Pollutants from gasoline are very dangerous to the environment and the whole world is working towards a sustainable use of resources including ethanol as a fuel to reduce the amount of green gases released to the atmosphere.

One of the solutions I have decided to apply in the pollution reduction while using gasoline is to minimize the use of the car. Using the car every day for 40 miles contribute so much of the green gases to the atmosphere. The gasoline also costs so much as compared to ethanol which is less pollutant. (Nicholas, 2000 pp. 145-209).

Reducing the number of times I use the car can really be useful in the reduction of pollution. During weekends, I can avoid using my personal car and I can use public means of transport to get to various destinations. I can also spare using the car during week days when I can use the public transport. If I limit the use of the car, I will cut down the expenses I use on gasoline and still be able to safe the environment. I will be using the car only when I cannot avoid, that is, in case of an emergency.

The other option I can use to reduce pollution on the environment is by driving less miles a day. If I should drive each day then, I can cut down the mileage by at least a third. I can afford driving for fewer miles in a day; 30 miles can help to reduce the consumption of gasoline that leads to pollution.

Since my car is fuel flex, I can use ethanol for fuel instead of gasoline. The use of pure ethanol in my car can help reduce pollution. The use of hybrid of E85, which is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, is safer and environmental friendly than the use of gasoline. The table that follows shows my car consumption of gasoline and E85 in miles per Gallon (MPG) and the production of pollutant gases.

Fuel Economy of Fuel (City) MPG Economy of Fuel(Highway) MPG MPG Combined Annual Green house emission
Gasoline 18 29 22 16.2
E85 14 21 16 3.5

The fuel economy of using E85 is better than that of gasoline. My car can run for 25 miles on $ 3.75 worth of E85 whereas for gasoline I usually spend $ 3.85 for the same 25 miles. So it is more economical to use E85 and ensure a safer environment that is free from pollution.


In the 18th century when there were fewer cars in the world and the majority of people used horses for travel both long distance and short distances, the environment was so clean and free from green house gases. The issue of global warming did not exist and the world was safe to live in. If all individuals who own cars can adopt these ideas of reducing environmental pollution, then the world can be safe.

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