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Genetic Science Learning Center

This paper shall seek to present an analysis of sorts of the website Learn Genetics by the University of Utah. The website had a welcoming interface and had categorized information regarding genetics into sections with respect to the nature of the information. The website was one that allowed the viewer to acquire knowledge about Genetics from the very initial foundations of the field. The home page provided valuable and comprehensive insights into the basics of genetics and allowed for the development of a thorough understanding of the role of DNA, Hereditary characteristics and cells in Genetics.

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The website provided valuable information regarding the latest developments in Genetic Technology as well as articles that provided a look into the initial stages of the evolution of the study of genetics.

The website also provided highly relevant information on experiments that had been performed on mice in order to acquire a better understanding of genetics. The home page contained subsections which led to pages that addressed the different branches of genetic technology such as stem cells, cloning, gene therapy and transgenic mice. The website was also extremely useful in acquiring an understanding of epigenetic, personalized medicine and the role that genetics could play in addiction, genetic disorders, molecular genealogy and epigenetic.

A highly productive characteristic of the website was that it provided information in a manner such that it was not entirely ambiguous to the lay man. The sections of the website allowed the user to access the level of complexity of information that they required and was extremely helpful in providing the most up-to-date and relevant information on Genetics as well as in the numerous fields of genetics.

Some of the most useful options on the website that assisted in the simplification of research were the option to index the contents of website on the basis of the topics that they addressed and the option to index the contents of the website by the titles of the topics. The website’s animated tours assisted in making the learning process swift and precise while making it all the more interesting. From the basics of stem cell to the complexities of cloning, the website proved to be highly useful. Some of the most informative articles that the website offered were those that were designed for people who were not associated with the field of genetics but desired to know how genetics influenced their lives and how they could make use of the knowledge of genetics to lead healthier lives. An example of this fact can be found in the presence of articles that addressed heart disease, stroke, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer with respect to Genetics.

The website served as a source of high volumes of information but the fact that it presented the information in an orderly category-based fashion, finding the required information was quite easy. Also, an area of the website which served the purpose of developing a practical perspective of genetics was one that offered advice and tips on how one could evaluate the exact risk caused by the hereditary patterns of one’s family genetics (Genetic Science Learning Center, 2009). In the same regard, the website was extremely beneficial in the development of the understanding of genetic sciences since it provided authentic information on the small changes that one could bring about in their day to day lives in order to avoid any potential diseases that they may be genetically prone towards.


Genetic Science Learning Center. (2009). Learn.Genetics . Web.

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