Google Duo Product and Consumer Decision-Making

Steps of the consumer decision-making process in deciding whether to adopt Google Duo

The decision-making process (Hoffman & Bateson, 2011) would be as follows.

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Need recognition

The need might be recognised on its own, or the process of need recognition could be induced by hearing about the new app.

Search for information

An Internet search would be conducted and reviews of the new application would be read. The author would also utilise social networks to ask friends who use the app about their opinion.

Evaluation of alternatives

The features of Google Duo would be compared with those of alternative applications. The price, convenience, ease of use, and the number of friends who can be reached would be evaluated.

Purchase decision

This would be affected by the ease of purchasing and installing the product, and by how successfully the installation process would go.


An attempt to test the new product as soon as possible would be made, perhaps mainly out of curiosity. The consumption could take place both privately and in public.

Post-consumption evaluation

The assessment of Google Duo and satisfaction with it would be affected primarily by the ease of its use and the quality of the connection (both the sound and the video), as well as by the absence of problems such as bugs.

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Factors that would increase consumers’ involvement with Google Duo

The involvement with Google Duo could be increased as a result of the following factors (Ind & Iglesias, 2016).

Previous experience

Previous experience with video calls, especially negative (e.g., low quality of the video). This can be used by marketers if the new app is advertised as not having similar problems.

Motivational intensity

If clients need to make calls often, this will increase involvement. Marketers can use this by advertising the ease and convenience of video calls.


It will stimulate clients to purchase the product simply to test it. Marketers can use this by intriguing the customers with the new app, for instance, by saying that they will have completely new experience of communication, etc.


If a person is interested in extensive communication with friends and colleagues, this will increase their desire to purchase Google Duo (a person rarely talking to friends would be less interested). The marketers can use this by advertising Google Duo as a new means to communicate with friends and colleagues.


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Ind, N., & Iglesias, O. (2016). Brand desire: How to create consumer involvement and inspiration. London, UK: Bloomsbury Publishing.

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