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Healthcare Financing and Drug Addiction

Historical Perspectives on Health Care Financing

The healthcare sector is one of the key directions for the development of any country since the health of citizens is an indicator of the success of the current policy. In the modern world, this area has been developed significantly because of numerous breakthroughs; however, it is mainly due to government funding. Grants for research, regular subsidies, and affordable insurance are all attributes of a successful society (Barr, 2016). As for further prospects, additional measures may be taken to facilitate an even more efficient allocation of budgetary funds. It is rather difficult to say how much money the state will invest to implement necessary reforms in the healthcare sphere. Nevertheless, if the authorities continue to support the course of constant development, they will probably have to look for additional sources of financing as the public interest in new methods of health protection is steadily growing.

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Medicare is one of the programs of American health insurance. It aims at ensuring that citizens have the opportunity to receive full treatment. The primary purpose of Medicaid is to help the poor who are unable to pay for their insurance. The system of the country’s monetary budget functions in such a way that both these programs do not harm economic development. The costs that the government spends on Medicaid are offset by funds from Medicare. Consequently, neither of these two programs affects the state of the country’s economy.

Causes of Drug Abuse and Effectiveness of Treatment

As it is known, drug addiction is one of the strongest ones. Possible causes of people using prohibited drugs include the desire to get rid of domestic problems, as well as an attempt to feel new sensations. It is hard to treat such a disease as a person accustoms to drugs not only morally but also physically, experiencing real pain in case of the absence of a necessary dose. According to Sarafino and Smith (2014), even a light addiction requires the participation of a psychologist; otherwise, the ailment tends to shift to a severe stage, when a person cannot cope with his or her problem on his own. For example, one of the psychological techniques is the persuasion that drugs do not change the world around a man. The role of the psychologist is to prove a patient that this addiction cannot bear anything good. Besides consciousness, it also destroys the body. The program that may help to get rid of such a disease will be effective if an experienced psychologist conducts treatment with a drug addict and uses an efficient method of persuasion; hypnosis is also a possible option.


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