How South Africa Is Developing a Democracy

The process of building democracy is defined not by political statements but by the change in people’s perception of political relationships. While South Africa has been known as a state with an ostensibly democratic regime for nearly a quarter of a century, yet its current state of political freedom raises a range of questions. Specifically, the fact that South African society has not been democratized needs to be mentioned. South Africa has a complex history of fighting for its people’s right to live in a democratic community, with the end of the Apartheid symbolizing the conclusion to the unjust and authoritarian regime (Hickel, 2015). By using an education program allowing people to learn more about democratic principles, one will change social perceptions and contribute to building democracy in South Africa.

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Overall, the lack of democratization within South African society can be seen as the primary problem that has to be managed for democratic principles to be established within the republic. The lack of understanding of what constitutes democracy within South African society is the foundational reason for the state to have failed to build democracy over its 25 years of political freedom. The type of quasi-democracy that can be observed in South Africa can be defined as representative since people elected by South African citizens are expected to represent them in the parliament.

In order to resolve the current issue within South African society, specifically, the lack of understanding by general audiences what constitutes democracy, one may need to introduce an educational program. The program will incorporate basic concepts of a democratic system and the standards that it upholds. Thus, democratic values and ideas can be fostered within South African society, encouraging people to contribute to building the political system that represents the associated values and the needs of its population to the best extent possible.


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