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Illegal Immigration in USA

Whereas many people believe that illegal immigrants do not have any right for basic social services, there is a group of activists affirming the need to make sure that every individual irrespective of the citizenship status should get access to social basic services. Consequently, these two sides have led to a hotly contested debate over illegal immigrants and basic social services that include security, basic medical care, food stamps, as well as the general welfare (Rivera 69).

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Denying individuals adequate access to either one or all of these basic resources is likely to have adverse effects on their lives (Segal 75). From the point of view that illegal immigrants have the same needs and feelings as other people, it would be unethical, inhumane and impractical to deny such individuals these basic amenities. Based on basic facts and evidence, illegal immigrants should be allowed access to the entire basic requisite for life sustenance (Rivera 75).

When certain public services are limited to certain individuals for cost reasons, then it is heartlessness, lack of care, and concern that comes afore (Segal 253). These public services may include transportation of people and goods from place to place and use of subways among others. In addition to transport, Vakenzuela (67) insists that amenities, such as water utilities, are the basic ones and restricting access to them is insanity. If access to these basic facilities is denied, it influences the whole community regardless of whether or not they are immigrants (Segal 237).

Provision of adequate security is vital to the entire members of society. The government has a mandatory duty to offer security by combating crimes of all categories at all times (Vakenzuela 64). For instance, if a rapist commits a crime of raping a female member of the society who happens to be an illegal alien, what is the government to do?

If the government decides to ignore the matter because the victim of the rape is an illegal alien, then the government may put the entire society at the same risk in the future. This act, therefore, subjects the members of the society to the same risk of being attacked by the rapists if culprits are not properly disciplined. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that immigrants live a healthy and productive life just as native citizens.

Furthermore, when access to health services is limited for the undocumented immigrants, the efforts to fight some infectious diseases among the general public are not very effective (Rivera, 47). The failure to provide the necessary communication may hasten the spread and subsequent infection process across the country. Rivera (74) asserts that medical research and reports have revealed that a majority of infectious diseases are never identified during the manifestation of the first symptoms.

However, infectious diseases can only be identified when people visit medical facilities for other reasons besides the infections. To curb the spread of infections, such infectious diseases require early identification and treatment (Segal 311). The treatment, however, requires that the undocumented immigrants who may be possible transmission agents be allowed full access to proper medical care. The wellbeing of the entire society depends on the welfare of the undocumented immigrants present among other citizens.

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Finally, social research revealed that most criminal activities reported are associated with individuals who are less educated. Such people lack knowledge and skills to secure an employment opportunity (Segal 233). The illiterate or the semi-illiterate individuals, therefore, remain idle for most times during which they may devise ways to accomplish certain criminal activities. If nonimmigrants are left uneducated, they may end in being involved in criminal activities such as robbery, which compromises the security of the entire society (Rivera 72).

In conclusion, every nation must offer the necessary services to the nonimmigrants as a means to show kindness, mercy, humanity, and hospitality to fellow humans (Vakenzuela 123). This basic care could be achieved through the provision of basic services such as education, health care, foodstuff, and security.

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