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Impact of the Internet on Mental Health


The Internet plays an important role as a catalyst for rapid development. However, its prevalence causes major mental issues in its users. The conversation regarding its detrimental effects on the human mind is currently widespread and is being discussed around the planet. From personal experience, anxiety and trouble with sleep are commonly the results of Internet use. According to Miyoung et al. (1), Internet overuse leads to poorer mental health. One of the purposes of this research is to find whether serious mental health problems can be the direct consequence of Internet use. The next step in researching this conversation would refer to scholarly articles in medical publications which provide credible scientific findings.

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Negative Aspects of Cancel Culture

In media, cancel culture refers to a phenomenon of Internet shaming of individuals whose actions are seen as problematic. It is evident that many people believe this to be a useful trend, however, canceling culture leads to hatred rather than becomes a way of positively impacting the issue. By researching this conversation, the goal is to learn about the psychological effects of cancel culture and whether this form of discussion is a good method of educating people on the relevant problems. The Learning Network founds that most students believe that canceling culture is inherently problematic (11). To further investigate the conversation, articles and newspapers should be studied which commonly raise the questions of the effects of cancel culture.

The Positive Effects of Internet Use During Covid-19

The use of the Internet has been beneficial during the Covid-19 outbreak as a way of feeling connected to the rest of the world. Referring to social media has been essential to learning about the progress of the pandemic. The purpose of this research is to learn more about the particular positive effects of Internet use on human psychology in the era of the Covid-19. Vogels et al. have found that social media use has been not only beneficial for individual people but also for society as a whole (14). To further examine the positive impact of the Internet on personal psychology, interviews and other methods of qualitative analysis should be studied.

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