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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Common Mental Health Problems
    Mental health forms a significant aspect of human health because it determines the general health of a person.
  2. Mental Health, Mental Illness, Risk, & Resilience
    It needs to be said that the way mental health and mental illness are perceived has changed over the years, and a broad range of concepts has been developed.
  3. Mental Illness History: Early Beliefs and Theories of Mental Health
    The theories of mental health have undergone a series of evolution over the ages. Psychologists have studied various facets of man’s character to develop a probable theory.
  4. Mental Health Policies Development
    The social problem under investigation revolves around how people should maintain good mental health. It is important to develop and implement of policies of good mental health.
  5. Mental Health: General Hospital Psychiatry
    This research paper will look at the activities, which take place in psychiatric hospitals. Psychiatric hospitals play an important role in addressing a variety of mental problems.
  6. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
    This paper is a journal based on the 5th and 6th chapter of the book Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis.
  7. Mental Health Services: Public Spending and Usage
    The research finds out a link between the public spending on mental health services and the state-level perceptions of the services, and the use of such services by residents.
  8. Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Illness
    The enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was a positive move toward mitigating mental health and substance abuse problems in the United States.
  9. Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Obamacare
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offered an opportunity to improve healthcare for people with mental illnesses. The implementation of new regulations required certain payment reform.
  10. Mental Health Problems and Effective Professional Care
    Mental health issues affect many employees due to stress and pressure to exhibit high-performance indicators. Also, mental health problems can occur due to burnout.
  11. Faith Factor and Mental Health in Young People
    The necessity to appeal to the emotional state of the patient often serves as the justification for introducing the concept of faith into the process of therapy.
  12. Mental Health Illness: Affordable Care Act 2010
    This paper critically looks at the implications for mental health illnesses and substance abuse under the Affordable Care Act of 2010.
  13. Postpartum Depression as Serious Mental Health Problem
    The research study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a two-step behavioral and educational intervention on the symptoms of postpartum depression in young mothers.
  14. Native Americans’ Mental Health
    The aim of this paper is to understand what healthcare needs with regard to mental health Native Americans might have, to reduce the rate of incidents related to mental health issues.
  15. Psychotherapy and Mental Health Biases
    The paper sheds light on inaccurate depictions of psychotherapy and mental health that fuel people’s biases and prevent many from seeking help.
  16. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy and Mental Health
    In her research, Lesiuk pays attention to specific mental health problems of adult women with breast cancer who are having chemotherapy.
  17. Perinatal Mental Health Bill by Lauren Book
    Perinatal Mental Health bill touches upon the problem of patient education related to mental health and, in particular, postpartum depression.
  18. Mental Health Rates and Healthy People 2020
    Summarizing the indicators and discussing data sources can help explain the lack of progress in meeting the national objectives in terms of mental health.
  19. Mental Health and Domestic Violence in Bangladesh
    The paper reviews Ziaei et al.’s article “Experiencing lifetime domestic violence: Associations with mental health and stress among pregnant women in rural Bangladesh.”
  20. Gender Stereotypes’ Effects Career and Mental Health
    This paper discusses the stereotypes about women and shows how they limit the professional development of women and put them at risk of domestic violence and mental health issues.
  21. Mental Health Problems: Physical Activities Importance
    It is important to investigate the condition of patients and understand if outdoor activities are not harmful or should be replaced with indoor activities.
  22. Mental Health Concerns in the Older Adult
    There were five areas of the Mini-Mental State Examination test (MMSE), and the results in each of them have their meanings and importance.
  23. Mental Health: Strategic Action Plan
    The essay investigates how mentally ill people and their families are affected economically and emotionally, how they lose productivity and stability in society.
  24. Fad Diets and Their Dangers for Mental Health
    Because the epidemic of obesity in the USA has not been eliminated, the debates about developing healthy and effective diets still occur.
  25. Mental Health Issues: Incarcerated Adults
    In the present paper, the development of the interventions for the incarcerated population at risk of mental illnesses is going to be discussed.

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  1. Mental Health of Patients with Medical Comorbidities
    Patients with medical comorbidities often fail to articulate the concerns related to their mental health, which tends to make these issues untreated.
  2. Intermountain Healthcare Mental Health Integration Model
    Intermountain Healthcare Mental Health Integration model is one of the best frameworks that can be used by human service professionals to ensure care is delivered across the lifespan.
  3. Stress Effect on Physical and Mental Health
    The paper analyzes the primary effects of stress on human health. The study outlines the concept of stress as well as estimates its ultimate causes.
  4. War Veterans’ Mental Health as Social Issue
    This work discusses the current issue on the War Veterans returning home and not receiving proper mental health care due to a lack of professionals serving the Armed Forces.
  5. Epigenetics and Its Effect on Physical and Mental Health
    This paper reviews a research article and two videos on epigenetics to developing an understanding of the phenomenon and how it affects individuals’ physical and mental health.
  6. Advocacy Strategy for Mental Health: Community Awareness
    The current mental health management policy implies the promotion of self-care, yet the lack of emphasis on promoting nurse education concerning mental health promotion is evident.
  7. Mental Health Needs of Patients with Comorbidities
    Substance abuse disorder also has its causes which might contribute to the overall psychotherapeutic effect when thoroughly investigated and addressed.
  8. Pregnant Women’s Mental Health Difficulties
    Pregnant women, as well as females during a postpartum period, are vulnerable and might experience many mental health difficulties ranging from mild anxiety to depression.
  9. Mental Health and the Affordable Care Act Coverage
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that mental disorders and substance abuse problems continue to affect millions of American citizens.
  10. Military Veterans’ Mental Health Needs
    The topic of the study concerns the mental health needs of veterans who suffer different types of disorders as the result of their military service.
  11. The New Horizons Community Mental Health Center
    The results of the study will provide the ground for the establishment of direct guidelines on depression management for the care providers of the Center, which will constitute the proposed change.
  12. Psychotherapy Group Guide to Improve Mental Health
    Group therapy utilizes screening and interviewing techniques, specific methodology, and procedures aimed at the improvement of patients’ mental health conditions.
  13. Mobile Phone Usage and Mental Health Study
    This study analyzes the article that explores the relationship between psychological elements of mobile phone usage and mental health issues in a potential group of young people.
  14. Challenges in Veteran Mental Health Care
    The population of veterans in the US experiences a variety of difficulties upon returning to non-military life.
  15. Employee Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing
    Managers adjust the overall workplace atmosphere, including decision-making procedures, to enhance the recuperation and engagement of the affected workers.
  16. Mental Health Theories: Behaviorism Versus Cognitivism
    Theories that focus on the aspect of mental health are intended to help clients understand their issues and deal with them. Mental health specialists can use one and more theories.
  17. Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory in a Mental Health Setting
    Peplau’s theory addresses some of the core questions behind the intervention, as it identifies the patient as an organism that tries to reduce anxiety caused by needs.
  18. Childhood Relationships & Adolescent Mental Health
    “Effects of early childhood peer relationships on adolescent mental health” analyzes the relationship between adolescent psychological adjustment and early peer relationships.
  19. Public Mental Health Program Planning
    Mental health is a leading health indicator included in the Healthy People 2020 national plan. Mental disorders affect individuals of different multicultural backgrounds.
  20. Refugee Mental Health Issue
    The purpose of this essay is to consider refugees as an at-risk group from the perspective of mental health issues.
  21. Adolescent Mental Health: Depression
    This paper includes depression background discussion, including its signs, prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment, and a plan of treatment with three interventions to address this chronic health disease.
  22. Suicide as a Major Mental Health Challenge
    The presented paper identifies suicide as a major mental health challenge that all professionals in the field of nursing should begin to take seriously.
  23. The Role of a Nurse in Mental Health
    Nurse might want to consider the option of specialization. It means the process of becoming an expert in a chosen subject by expanding the scope of knowledge and practice.
  24. Police Brutality and Mental Health of African Americas
    The authors hypothesize that the effect of experiencing blackness has a twofold impact on the young African Americans’ mental health
  25. Divorce and Child’s Mental Health in the UK
    The given project is devoted to the investigation of children’s mental health and factors that might impact it, specifically, parents’ divorce.

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  1. Ensuring Children’s Mental Health
    Traumatic experiences that may cause mental health problems in young patients are often overlooked, which causes the development of mental health issues in the future.
  2. What Causes Medication Administration Errors in a Mental Health Hospital?
    Patients with mental health issues are a large group of patients who deserve special attention and attitude from the medical staff.
  3. Psychiatric Interview for Mental Health Treatment
    The psychiatric interview is a useful tool to assess the mental health of patients, and numerous practitioners use it to determine what makes individuals feel bad.
  4. Patients Experiencing Homelessness: Mental Health Issues
    It is acknowledged that the association between homelessness and mental health has been explored while this link is still under-researched when it comes to specific populations.
  5. Improving Access to Pediatric Mental Health Care
    The current research paper considers the policy of telehealth for improving rural communities’ access to mental health services.
  6. Mental Health Association of Depression and Alzheimer’s in the Elderly
    Depression can be a part of Alzheimer’s disease. Elderly people may have episodes of depression, but these episodes cannot be always linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Mental Health Counseling in Bipolar Disorder
    Cognitive and interpersonal techniques help to resolve issues of life problems including demoralization, stigmatization, and lack of opportunity to learn from peer figures.
  8. The Capella University Mental Health Counseling Program
    Mental health institutions are like asylums that are modernized to cater for patients that are psychologically affected or their brains do not function properly.
  9. Improving Mental Health by Preventing Mental Illness
    Mental health is a broad concept used to refer to psychological well being. It entails the emotional or cognitive fitness and generally affects how people think or behave.
  10. Society: Mental Health and Welfare
    Some cultures allow euthanasia and PAS as medical practices; others strictly prohibit it because of various reasons which differ from religious beliefs to cultural peculiarities.
  11. Hurricane Katrina’s Mental Health Impact on Populations
    The occurrence of Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami disasters called for the development of specialized techniques that would respond to a crisis.
  12. Mental Health Issues in People of Various Ages and Origins
    The paper has demonstrated that mental health issues are a severe problem in the modern world. People of various ages and origins can be subject to numerous disorders.
  13. Mental Health Conditions Among Military Veterans
    The research will analyze whether the incidence of symptoms and their link to individuals’ experiences relate to their military service
  14. Social Media and Mental Health
    The research will specify the factor of social networking and raise the question of whether the daily use of social media severely impacts mental health.
  15. The National Institute of Mental Health Research Studies Report
    A review and analysis of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) research database on the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) topic revealed several interesting features.
  16. Linking Obamacare Policy, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health
    Obamacare, or The Affordable Care Act, is one of the most prominent health care policies in the United States because disputes over its advantages and disadvantages last for years.
  17. Mental Health Stigma for Military Man and Civilians
    This source will contribute to my research regarding comparing the mental disorder stigma among civilians and military veterans.
  18. The Impact of Ageism on Mental Health and Addiction
    Ageism refers to prejudice towards persons because of their age. This form of discrimination is exhibited in the unfair treatment of older people.
  19. Ethical Grounds of Nursing in Youth Mental Health
    When Young adults with mental health problems are nearing their adult years, they may face the difficulty of transitioning between juvenile and adult medical systems.
  20. Addressing Mental Health in Schools
    Mental health promotion interventions should be conducted in schools because these institutions serve as a perfect basis for this purpose.
  21. COVID-19: The Impact on Mental Health
    This study is to explore how COVID-19 impacted young women aside from getting them sick but causing mental health issues.
  22. Collaborative Nursing: Care by the Mental Health Professionals
    The paper reviews literature in collaborative care, focusing the critiquing the research findings with the help of the PICO format.
  23. Annotated Bibliography: Social Media and Mental Health
    This article describes several sources about the connection and some other issues about social media and people’s mental health.
  24. COVID-19 and Employees’ Mental Health Relations
    The paper examines the relationship between COVID-19 and the employees’ mental health. Some of the aspects examined include depression and psychological distress.
  25. Mental Health Advocacy for Children
    Mental disorders are increasingly becoming rampant due to an array of issues affecting all individuals across the lifespan.

🎓 Most Interesting Mental Health Research Titles

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  1. Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
    Sites such as Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, and YouTube have led to a revolution in communication, specifically within the school.
  2. Strategy to Improve Mental Health of Immigrants
    Compared with the majority group in a given population, migrants and their descendants have an increased chance of experiencing mental disorders.
  3. How Ageism Affects Mental Health and Addiction?
    Essay demonstrates how negative prejudices towards the elderly influence their mental health in the long run, and how it affects their relationship with addiction.
  4. Mental Health Disparities Among LGBT Community
    LGBT people are at higher risk of suicide, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders. LGBT people are 2 to 3 times more likely to attempt suicide.
  5. The Influence of Social Media on Mental Health
    The paper discusses the consequences of social media on people’s mental health, behavior, lifestyle and possible benefits.
  6. Mental Health Care System Gaps and Challenges Analysis
    The US mental health policymakers identify five current significant topics. The top priority is “financing and training of the peer workforce”.
  7. Social Media Use and the Impact on Mental Health
    There is no like-mindedness regarding the impact of Internet networks on the psychological well-being of teenagers.
  8. Mental Health Status in Juvenile Justice Settings
    The research study selected for analysis is “Assessing the Mental Health Status of Youth in Juvenile Justice Settings” by Wasserman et al.
  9. Mental Health Problems Among Veterans
    Some service members are at a high risk of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders.
  10. Treating and Preventing Adolescent Mental Health Disorders
    Chemical abuse has been increasing among the youth. Nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana have become accessible to young people in schools making it a great risk to adolescents.
  11. Online Learning and Students’ Mental Health
    Mental health is an aspect that attracts significant attention from researchers interested in investigating the connection between the lack of social interactions.
  12. ‘Symptoms of Psychosis in Mental Health Professional’ by Fleming & Martin
    This paper is a critique the research by Fleming & Martin entitled: ‘a preliminary investigation into the experience of symptoms of psychosis in mental health: … schizophrenia.’
  13. Mental Health in the Community
    Health institutions set goals to improve the mental health of the population. Two of those goals are to reduce the instance of suicide and disordered eating among adolescents.
  14. Print and Digital Ads on Mental Health Implications of Social Media
    With rising concerns about the mental health implications of social media obsession, individuals and societies are now organizing public awareness seminars.
  15. A Mental Health Nursing Social Interventions for Patients With Schizophrenia
    This paper aims at exploring the psychosocial interventions for patients with schizophrenia. It achieves this by expounding on a case scenario of a patient named Geoff.
  16. Workplace Bullying and Its Impact on People’s Mental Health
    Workplace bullying turns out to be a serious theme for discussion because of a variety of reasons, and one of them is its impact on people’s mental health.
  17. Strategic Measurement Tools at West Alabama Mental Health
    The economic value-added analysis can be applied in West Alabama Mental Health to ascertain the efficacy of healthcare and health improvements.
  18. Mental Health Buring a COVID-19 Pandemic
    Prevention practices that include assessment for mental health problems, psychosocial support should focus on the individuals who are at high risk of psychological problems.
  19. Promoting Mental Health: Creating a Teaching Plan
    The aim of the teaching plan is to have patients understand their situation, develop high self-esteem, and achieve the sufficient motivation to change their harmful situation.
  20. Poverty and Mental Health Correlation
    The analysis of the articles provides a comprehensive understanding of the poverty and mental health correlation scale and its current state.
  21. The Florida Mental Health Act
    The article is aimed at examining the implications of the Florida Mental Health Act. This law enables the involuntary psychiatric examination and possible detention of a person.
  22. Affordable Care Act 2010: Mental Health Illness
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, also commonly referred to as Obamacare, can be termed as the most progressive and inclusive piece of healthcare legislation ever
  23. Mental Health and ADHD in Universities
    The issue of mental health in university learners is rarely brought up, yet it has a tangible effect on the target audience’s health and ability to learn.
  24. The Mental Health of Malaysians: The Effect of Movement Control Order
    This paper explores the effect of the movement control order implemented during the spread of COVID-19 on the mental health of the population in Malaysia.
  25. Causal Effects of Physical Health on Mental Health
    The authors’ research problem is the link between physical and mental health, or, more specifically, the adverse impact that negative health events have on mental health.

💡 Simple Mental Health Essay Ideas

  1. Mental Health Diseases: Diagnostic Assessment
    The patient, Zev, is a 45-year-old man who is obsessed with performing specific rituals many times each day, explaining this need as a possibility to prevent terrible things.
  2. “Impact of Racial/Ethnic Differences on Child Mental Health Care”: Critique
    The author finalizes his article “Impact of Racial/Ethnic Differences on Child Mental Health Care” by providing solutions to many groups’ mental health and treatment differences.
  3. Social Media and Its Effect on Mental Health
    This paper offers an analysis of the behavior of adolescents in terms of depression, anxiety and other conditions resulting from the alleged use of social media.
  4. Mental Health and Outdoor Therapy
    Different approaches have been introduced to help people improve their psychological health. Outdoor therapy is one of the strategies used to treat cerebral disorders.
  5. Web Evlauation – Website of the Internet Mental Health Organization
    We chose the website of the Internet Mental Health Organization. This website is dedicated to all the individuals in society, trying to inform them regarding mental health disorders.
  6. Mass Imprisonment for Aboriginals’ Mental Health
    Australia’s Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders show how economic and social discrepancies that colonialism entails can manifest in incarceration rates.
  7. Philosophies Underpinning Various Types of Mental Health Practices
    The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to help patients understand their conditions. Cognitive-behavioral treatment aims at helping them to change their current mental state.
  8. Impact of Leisure and Recreation on Mental Health
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of leisure and recreational activities on the mental health of people.
  9. Covid-19 Pandemic and Mental Health of American Population
    After the Covid-19 outbreak, the depression rates in the US have increased threefold. The pandemic cost many people their employment, cut off social ties, and separated families.
  10. Behavioral and Cognitive Mental Health Theories
    Mental health approaches attempt to explain the development of human beings socially, psychologically, and behaviorally.
  11. Common Mental Health Issues
    This research paper will focus on common mental health issues, their causes, treatment strategies and interventions available, and mental health in daily life.
  12. Mental Health Challenges and Their Stigmatization
    Mental health is complex and multi-dimensional, and the general public must acknowledge the challenges that come with it instead of stigmatizing it.
  13. Mental Health & Burnout Prevention in Nursing Training
    Resilience and perfectionism were the leading causes of nursing burnout that negatively impacted the quality of nursing care in cancer wards.
  14. Discussion of Community Mental Health
    The assessment of a community of young black Americans for their nicotine additions to develop action plans and a mental health intervention.
  15. Mental Health During the Pandemic: Research Design, Steps, and Approach
    The health and well-being of people worldwide have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and measures imposed to prevent its spread.
  16. Mental Health Nursing Class: Anxiety-Related Disorders
    The following class is devoted to anxiety and anxiety-related disorders as one of the significant mental health concerns nowadays.
  17. Social Media and Associated Mental Health Risks
    This frequent use of social media can lead to the development of depression, anxiety, and feelings of dissatisfaction.
  18. The Role of Social Stigma in Mental Health
    The stigmatization of mental health, indeed, plays a significant role in the life of a person suffering from mental disorders.
  19. Ethics of Researching Mental Health Issues
    When nurses are doing research, they are bound to accommodate the three-value structure that is made up of the community, science, and nursing as a profession.
  20. Mental Health Issues in College Students
    Although some types of mental health issues a college student usually faces might come from childhood traumas, some of them are appropriate in the grown-up period.
  21. Homeless Mental Health Intervention
    The current mental health care frameworks are not adequately equipped to help homeless people address their issues.
  22. Evolutionary Mismatch and Mental Health
    The evolutionary mismatch has led to divergent cultural and lifestyle adaptations that have left current generations at a higher risk for mental illnesses.
  23. Impact of the Internet on Mental Health
    The purpose of this paper is to learn more about the particular positive effects of Internet use on human psychology in the era of the Covid-19.
  24. The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
    The paper identifies the main dangers of communication on social media. The audience is everyone interested in learning more.
  25. Mental Health Well-Being Notion: Its Effect on Education
    Addressing issues in wellness is crucial to understanding modern societies and personal and professional interactions within them.

❓ Mental Health Research Questions

  1. Are Human Rights Infringed in Treatments for Mental Health?
  2. How Do You Define Mental Health?
  3. What Affects Our Mental Health?
  4. Can Simulated Nature Support Mental Health?
  5. What Causes Poor Mental Health?
  6. Can System Integration Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Children and Youth?
  7. Does Disability Status Modify the Association Between Psychosocial Job Quality and Mental Health?
  8. Does Initial Job Status Affect Midlife Outcomes and Mental Health?
  9. Does Mental Health Affect Labor Market Outcomes?
  10. Why Mental Health Is So Important?
  11. What Are Warning Signs of Mental Illness?
  12. Does Prenatal Stress Shape Postnatal Resilience?
  13. What Age Is Most Affected by Mental Health?
  14. Does the Australian Government Provide Adequate Support for Mental Health Related Issues?
  15. Which European Countries Have the Best Mental Health Care?
  16. Is Mental Health Free Care in Europe?
  17. How Can Education Better Support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People?
  18. How Does Sweden Deal With Mental Health Issues?
  19. How Does Physical Activity Impact Mental Health?
  20. What Country Has the Least Mental Health Issues?
  21. How Have COVID-19 Isolation Policies Affected Young People’s Mental Health?
  22. Are Mental Health Services Free in Sweden?
  23. Should Mental Health Professionals Serve as Gatekeepers for Physician-Assisted Suicide?
  24. What Does Personality Mean in the Context of Mental Health?
  25. How Does Personality Affect Mental Health?
  26. What Role Can Avatars Play in Electronic Mental Health Interventions?
  27. What Are Examples of Mental Health Issues?
  28. What Is the Most Common Mental Health Issue?
  29. What Sets College Thrivers and Divers Apart in the Context of Mental Health?
  30. At What Age Do Mental Health Issues Usually Start?
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