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Improving Amazon Inc.’s Culture


Amazon Inc. is a global online vendor and a pioneer within the online retailing space. It has achieved its popularity due to its positive and quality provision of goods and services to its customers, maintaining a competitive advantage within the market sector. However, the corporation has been experiencing cultural issues related to siloed, hierarchical, excessively competitive, and bureaucratic. The cultural toxicity has resulted in the negative treatment of employees, which is projected to reduce the out and product quality within the contemporary and future context. As a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), the enterprise must develop vital strategies to enhance productivity and profitability in the current and future context. Therefore, crucial approaches should be introduced within Amazon to reduce the toxic culture and implement a concrete ethical background that will motivate its employees and increase productivity within the market sector.

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Organizational Problem

Amazon Inc. has been experiencing numerous cultural issues that require immediate concern. The primary weakness of Amazon is that it has poor socializing skills. Communication is an essential component in any organization. Failing to convey effectively between the employees and the company’s management may result in poor productivity. The enterprise has currently been focusing on using grapevine communication, an unofficial correspondence system that arises within Amazon Inc. due to gossip and rumors from the employees and the management. However, some reports within the firm are typically true, such as the issue of career sabotage, unreasonably high standards, and long hours of work without compensation among the employees. Grapevine communication usually hinders growth and development in any business. Therefore, Amazon Inc. should look for alternatives to eradicating grapevine communication within the cultural perspective to control and shape the employees’ behavioral aspect and the enterprise’s management effectively. Failing to resolve the issue of dialogue may result in the corporation to start making losses that may affect failure and collapse in the future context.

Another problem that the Amazon company experiences are that it registers and increases productivity to maintain its benefits. In other words, Amazon usually introduces strict measures to ensure that employees meet the business priority of attracting customers, and providing quality services and products. As a result, workers suffer more during the process, specifically due to the poor working environment, minimizing the firms’ productivity. The management of Amazon does not understand the subject of the laborers, thus putting the staff under immense pressure during work which fails to guarantee company success within the market context. The strict measures enacted by the organization create unhealthy competition within the working environment, which prevents the full potential and capability of the employees.

Another key problem affecting Amazon is the different types of management styles present within the current context. The previous leader of Amazon Inc. created a unique cultural perspective of managing the corporation with his personality and attitude. This concept was risky, specifically when the business was dealing with a diverse group of people and required adequate and positive leadership management to control every person appropriately. Subsequently, the concept hinders various people in making decisions concerning specific business opportunities or market entry, causing the company to lag. This particular aspect showcases how the leadership management of the institution is unforgiving and harsh on the inside. Surprisingly, this particular form of leadership has prevented Amazon from a developmental perspective of technology. As a result, it fails to support the attraction and retention of key staff members due to a lack of effective tools and ideas for advertisement and promotion.


The primary solution that Amazon could utilize is using quality communication strategies that create awareness and effectiveness between the company’s management and its employees. Furthermore, communication will not only contribute to a positive relationship between the management and the workers, but it will also result in vital interaction among the organizational customers. This will result in an increase in profitability, thus maintaining the enterprise’s competitive advantage within the market sector. On the other hand, the business should avoid exerting pressure on its employees but instead focus on understanding the subject of the laborers within the firm. This will allow Amazon to establish various training programs that may be used to improve the knowledge and skills of its staff, which will increase the corporation’s profitability and stability within the market.

The legislative should allow every employee to give their idea during meetings. This will overcome the challenges while coming up with quality solutions on how to tackle starting problems affecting the establishment’s performance. As a result, it will encourage and motivate company workers, making them feel a sense of belonging within the business. It will overcome the issue related to biases and unfairness hence developing the firm rapidly. Technology will also develop instantly, where distinct people will be given priority to expand on their ideas and how the company should implement different technological services that can be used in their daily operations.

The Importance of the Solutions

The fundamental concept of the proposition is that it will enhance the effective growth of the company. The solutions will offer reasonable strategies that may be used with the establishment to make more profits and eradicate the previous challenges that the corporation had experienced. It will also allow the management to gain knowledge on leadership concepts, making them better leaders in the future. The final importance of the solution is that the business will be able to build its brand while minimizing the negative feedback from its previous employees. This is a result of the management having to change their practices and implement effective and lenient organizational roles that monitor every person working within the company.

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Example of the Organisational Success

The example of Amazon’s organizational success will be observed after the firm gears a clear plan or strategy. The strategy will allow them to alter its social perspective to an appropriate culture that will enhance the corporation to achieve its desired mission. The policy implemented should focus on improving the business technology to offer efficient and quality products and services to their customers within a proper time. Finally, the Amazon’s leadership will adapt to the new governance tactics that may alter the administrative operation from traditional to current technology. Amazon Inc. will be flexible and capable of entering new markets and producing quality services while protecting its employees.


Crucial techniques and operations should be introduced within Amazon Inc. to reduce the negative cultural issues that lower its productivity. Instead, implementing a concrete ethical background will motivate workers and increase productivity within the market sector. However, various drawbacks have been observed to affect the company significantly. The primary weakness of the establishment is that it has poor communication skills. Another key problem affecting Amazon is the different types of organizational management styles present within the current context. Despite the problems, the executive should allow the staff to share their decision freely during company meetings and practice an effective communication approach, which may maintain its brand’s name and profitability.

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