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Miami-Dade Community Needs: Alcohol and Drug Addiction


  • In Miami-Dade, people receive health care depending on their needs
  • However, people with alcohol/drug addiction are underserved
  • Many drug/alcohol-dependent persons live in Miami
  • Campaigns to address their needs are required
  • One campaign – discourage people from becoming addicts
  • Another campaign – help those who are addicted
  • Effectiveness of campaigns will be assessed afterward

Problem Identification

Alcoholism and Drug Use Pose a Problem in Miami

  • Adults with special needs exist in Miami
  • E.g., many young people suffer from alcoholism
  • Alcoholism poses health challenges and worsens lifestyles
  • Alcoholics often suffer from other addictions
  • Often, they take drugs such as marijuana
  • Facilities addressing such needs are lacking
  • Additional programs for such people are needed

Background Information

Availability of Health Care Services for Individuals Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

  • Miami has several clinics providing medical services
  • Vaccination, dental care, pregnancy-related services are available
  • Medics can support various needs of the population
  • However, alcoholism still remains not addressed
  • Drug dependency response is also inadequate
  • Existing programs do not meet the population’s needs

Some Problems Faced by Individuals Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

  • Miami has an increasing number of alcoholics
  • Numbers of drug abusers are also increasing
  • Abusing alcohol/drugs is associated with homelessness
  • Drug addiction discourages people from economic activities (Murphy, Hart, & Moore, 2016)
  • People addicted to alcohol often lose hope
  • These people often stop pursuing their goals
  • Thus, alcoholism can adversely impact one’s life

The Severity of the Problem in Miami

  • Alcoholism – a major problem in communities like Miami (Owolabi, Adelabu, & Oyelana, 2016)
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse often remain unnoticed
  • Screening for alcoholism/drug addiction is lacking
  • People addicted to alcohol/drugs are ignored (Allender, Rector, & Warner, 2013)
  • Many victims of alcoholism have comorbid disorders
  • These people require the support of medical specialists (Murphy et al., 2016)

Community Resources

The Availability of Health Care Facilities

  • Miami-Dade has numerous resources to support citizens
  • These include healthcare facilities and pharmacies
  • Medics can provide inpatient and outpatient care
  • There are also mental and counseling centers
  • Clinics focus on problems different than alcoholism
  • Therefore, shifting focus to alcoholism is needed

Plan of Action

Campaign to Avert Alcoholism

  • Inform citizens about the effects of alcoholism
  • Powerful health promotion campaign – first step (Bazzo, Marini, & Black, 2014)
  • Teaching campaigns about alcohol and drug addiction
  • Campaigns will include teaching sessions and meetings
  • These will inform youths about addiction problems (Choate, 2015)

Campaign to Help Those Who Are Affected by Alcohol and Drug Addiction

  • People with alcohol/drug addiction will be identified
  • Joining focus groups will be encouraged
  • Information for changing behaviors will be supplied
  • Professionals will be invited to provide support
  • They will treat persons with alcohol/drug addiction

Plan of Assessment

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Campaign for Helping Those Suffering From Addiction

  • The plan is expected to be effective
  • Its effectiveness will be assessed during implementation
  • Individuals receiving therapy will be monitored
  • The gathered data will be analyzed
  • Comparisons to desired outcomes will be made

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Health Promotion Campaign

  • The health promotion campaign will be assessed
  • Using additional windshield survey can be helpful
  • It will permit determining challenges and improvements
  • The observations will then be analyzed
  • This will help determine the effectiveness of the campaign
  • Decisions about further actions will be made.


Allender, J., Rector, C., & Warner, K. (2013). Community & public health nursing: Promoting the public’s health (8th ed.). New York, NY: Wolters Kluwer Health.

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